Top 25 PlayStation Mobile Games

Console Saga PlayStation Mobile 07

Console Saga (TACS Games)

A stunner from TACS Games, this arcade action platformer puts you in control of a handheld games console who sets off on a quest to rescue the world of retro gaming. One of the best games released for PlayStation Mobile, offering fast arcade action with a perfect blend of shoot-em-up and platform gaming with great visuals adding up to a game that you don’t want to miss out on.

Jaggy Race PlayStation Mobile 19

Jaggy Race! (Tiziano Bizzini) – NEW ENTRY

Take the 8-bit classic side scrolling stunt racer Kickstart, throw in some gravity-defying tracks some fantastic 3D visuals and you have one of the best looking games to grace PlayStation Mobile to-date. 36 tracks to choose from across 6 different worlds and some incredibly tough challenges make this a racer that will keep you glued to your Vita for a long time to come…

Mugogy Jump PlayStation Mobile

Mugogy Jump (One Simple Idea) – NEW ENTRY

Controlling one of a group of monsters, Mugogy Jump takes the vertically climbing game to a new level. Superb graphics and sound, plenty of powerups and unlockables, easy to control and pick up and play and dozens of varied levels, this will hook you in and refuse to let you go!

Boot Hill Heroes Part One PlayStation Mobile 01

Boot Hill Heroes Part One (Experimental Gamer) – NEW ENTRY

Anyone who used to play on the old 8-bit consoles will feel right at home here with this western themed RPG. Incredibly deep gameplay with a simple yet involved combat system, this will keep you occupied for hours.

Eufloria Adventures PlayStation Mobile 01

Eufloria Adventures (Omni Systems Limited) – NEW ENTRY

A mobile spin off from the Eufloria series, this is an incredibly unique gaming experience as you explore and colonise visually stunning procedurally generated worlds. This is a game that you just have to explore, discover and experience for yourselves!

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Being honest, that’s not an exhaustive list of what is worth buying and even featuring twenty-five games it was actually tough to narrow it down in the end. As such, while the following just missed out on making in to the Top 25 (or were recently nudged out of the list) these are games that we think are still worth getting as part of your PlayStation Mobile collection:

  • Ascent Of Kings (Nostatic Software)
  • Buba (Quirkat)
  • Bullion Blitz (Heavy Spectrum Ltd)
  • Cardboard Castle (Advanced Mobile Applications)
  • Gun Commando (Ripstone)
  • Hungry Giraffe (Laughing Jackal)
  • Kung Fu FIGHT! (Nostatic Software)
  • Lemmings (d3t Ltd)
  • MegaBlast (SuperIcon)
  • Meltdown Moon (TACS Games)
  • Nunnageddon (Daniel Cake)
  • OMG-Zombies! (Laughing Jackal)
  • Out Of Mind (TACS Games)
  • Passing Time (Sony Computer Entertainment)
  • Pocket Farm (Rocking Pocket Games)
  • Pop Bugs Zap (Henchmen Interactive)
  • Puzziball (Heavy Spectrum)
  • Rock Boshers DX (Tikipod)
  • Sea Run (TACS Games)
  • Super Crate Box (Vlambeer)
  • Super Tank Poker (TACS Games)
  • The Labyrinth (Rocking Pocket Games)
  • Tokyo Jungle Mobile (Sony Computer Entertainment)
  • ZooZooGo! (Big Head Games)

No matter what, if you get all of the games listed here, you won’t be disappointed! If funds in your PSN account are tight, then why not check out our guide to the Top 10 PlayStation Mobile Games and maybe that will give you some pointers to the best of the best!

Simon Plumbe

All of the games featured here (and more) are available for download from the PlayStation Network Store directly from the PlayStation Vita.

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