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Welcome to Vita Player, a website dedicated to everything surrounding Sony’s wonder console, the PlayStation Vita. While it’s arguably the most powerful hand-held games console released effectively giving you the power of a PlayStation 3 on the move, it hasn’t had the greatest of success on the high street and has been underrated by many.

We’re not deterred by this though, and we’ve all got a passion for this machine here and not only do we want to share that with everyone, but show that it is a great console and that there are some fantastic games and titles out there for it. Yes, there are titles that should be avoided but we want you to be able to use this site to help you find out what is and isn’t worth buying.

This isn’t primarily going to be a news site like some that cover the Vita – there are plenty of sites out there that can do that better than us – but we will be bringing you a selection of news about the console and games that are coming your way. We are all passionate gamers and we know what makes a good game when we see one. We’re going to be taking an unbiased look at everything that’s available for the Vita – old and new – and give you the low down on what is really worth spending your money on.

Some of our team have been playing games since the 8-bit era and even earlier (even dating back to the very first home Pong clones) so they’ve seen the games industry right from the beginning. We’re not just fans though – not only have many of us been playing games since the 70s and 80s, but amongst our team are professional games journalists, games retailers and published software authors. Basically, people with a track record in the business.

We’re not going to flood the site with technical jargon either. We know that all you want to know is whether a game is any good or not, what it looks like and what it plays like. Who really cares if it uses several trillion polygons to create the graphics, how many colours are really being displayed on screen or about the inner workings of the PS Vita itself. While we may have some technical content on the site, it’s not something we’ll focus on too much.

Primarily the site will be driven by the reviews but these will be split into sections but we hope that it will be fairly comprehensive. Rather than sticking to new titles, we are aiming to have a full archive dating back to the first Vita releases so even though the site has been around for almost four years now, we’ll still be reviewing games right from when the Vita was first released as long as the review is new to the site.

Our priority for all of our reviews is simply that they run on the PS Vita (without the need for system hacks and that they are not homebrew titles) so we will be including:

  • Retail released PS Vita games
  • Downloadable PS Vita games
  • PS Vita game add-ons
  • PSP downloadable games
  • PSOne downloadable games
  • PS Mini downloadable games
  • PS Mobile downloadable games
  • Downloadable films and TV programmes from the PSN store

Basically, anything that will run on a PS Vita so the content will be quite diverse and with a large amount of content already available through the PlayStation Store, you can imagine we have quite a large task ahead of us.

All of this will be supported by blog posts from our writing team, features, articles plus comprehensive guides to help you make the most out of your Vita. Ultimately, we’re creating this site for you though so if you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions just drop us a line using our contact form.

There will be occasional articles on the website that have been funded by sponsors and while we do try to keep these to a minimum, we need to do this to ensure that we can keep the website online without having to charge for it. We hope that you understand with these but rest assured that the articles themselves are written just as any normal piece would be for the website.

Anyway, enjoy the site and please feel free to get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions!

Simon Plumbe, Site Editor

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  1. I love my PS Vita and a lot of my PSN games I’d very much like to be able to play on my Vita , like: KillTeam , Constant C and many others old & new that my little screen is perfect for [ platformers , sidescrollers ( Soldner X etc… ) ]. You or we try to force console game down our throats too much when the DS and other GameBoy devices did good cause it’s all their supposed to. I want fast good looking games that I own , but don’t play cause , my big screen is reserved for serious games that I’d never play on the bus or at a Safari. Unless I’m five and mom & dad want to save on electricity or console costs or they even oppose to it period and to compensate bought a little thing to busy the kid on the corner since they want the TV and who are we kidding , how many households have 2 or 3 TeleVision sets ? Remember I make the Giant and I need small , I say f… the little s… Neptunia is good in Japan. I’m a giant that digs both ( Gundam to TitanFall ).

    Truly , a gamer and robot collector
    I work in construction , am 43 and skateboard ( at the skate park I don’t play batman , but a Clone On the Dark )

    Thx 🙂

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