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Although Vita Player is a non-profit making fan site for PS Vita owners, we still have day-to-day running costs for the website including hosting charges. Unlike professional websites, all of the equipment used by our team as well as the software reviewed on the site, is purchased by our unpaid writers and contributors. While we do receive a limited amount of review copies of software, we want to ensure that we can cover as many titles as possible here at Vita Player and ensure that our team have the best hardware and software to hand to give our readers the best experience possible while visiting the site.

In order to do this, the site needs to ensure a steady income so we are offering a range of low cost advertising opportunities here on the site. It is not our intention to make profit from the site, just cover it’s running costs and to ensure that our team is able to provide the best website possible through reviews and additional content and services including our new podcast and potential video reviews in the future and as such we want to offer very affordable advertising rates.

We can offer advertising and/or sponsorship opportunities for short and long-term arrangements, starting with just one-month terms to suit all budgets and needs.

Advertising is available We are able to provide advertising for periods of 6 and 12 month durations (and longer for those of you who are interested) in several different styles to suit whatever budgets:-

Banner Advertising

Banner Advert

We have limited capacity on the website for just two “standard” sized banner adverts. As the site is designed using WordPress, banners will be placed on the front of the site but will be visible on every page visited because of the nature of the site’s design. Two locations are available – the top near the site’s header and the foot of the page. These are available at the following rates:-

  • Top Banner – £400/year (£40/month, min 3 month term)
  • Footer Banner – £300/year £30/month, min 3 month term)

The top header image is restricted to a maximum size of 468×60 but the bottom image can be larger if requested.

Side Panel Banners

As you have seen, we have advertising in the side column here on the website. We can offer advertising in this column at rates to suit all budgets starting at £10 per month. Adverts in this column are at a fixed width of 300 pixels wide and a maximum of 300 pixels in height and advertisers can provide images or a link to images hosted remotely. Two types of advertising are offered here. The budget option is part of a shared advertising spot for £10/month. In this position your advert will occupy the same space as several others placed in equal random rotation and will share space throughout the page views received on the site daily offering the best value for money for advertisers on a budget.

If you require higher profile advertising, an advert of the same physical dimensions can be placed on the site for £20/month with no rotation giving permanent exclusive placement. While other advertisements will feature on the website, you will have sole use of your position on the website and will be seen each time a page is viewed on the website.

Both options require a minimum 2 month term payable in advance.

Feature Sponsorship

A new series of opportunities that we can offer to you is the chance to sponsor specific areas or articles on the website. We have a large range of high-profile articles and ongoing guides here at Vita Player and we are offering opportunities for these to be sponsored with banner advertising and company logos to be associated with these.

For a single payment, your logos, banners and weblinks will remain associated with those features and key articles and we will be adding new high-profile sections to offer a wide choice for potential sponsors to choose from. This is potentially one of the best value for money advertising packages we can offer working out considerably cheaper than any other form of advertising with some of our bigger features ranking highly in search engines such as Google.

Prices for this sponsorship is feature-dependent and subject to negotiation but current areas available for sponsorship are:

  • Top 10 PlayStation Mobile Games Guide
  • Top 25 PlayStation Mobile Games Guide
  • PS Vita Cross Buy Guide
  • PS Vita Remote Play Guide (our most popular guide on the website)
  • PS Vita Memory Card Guide
  • PlayStation TV Games Compatibility Guide

Sponsored Articles

Depending on the nature of the content and the relevance to our readers, we will also take paid editorial content on Vita Player. If you have a business that you wish to promote through the website and wish to place paid advertorial on Vita Player please contact us to discuss this further with one of our team. Opportunities for this will be limited and dependent on the amount of other content we have on the website and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. Content will be subject to the approval of the Site Editor and will be required to submit to strict editorial control.

Pricing for content of this nature will be dependent on the length of the posting and its content.

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Please note that all adverts featured on the website must either be relevant to the PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or other Sony consoles, or of a nature that may be of interest to our site visitors. If in doubt, please ask. For more information or to book an advert, please get in touch with us using our Contact Form. Where adverts already exist on reviews or features linked in with our Amazon affiliate scheme, these will be removed and replaced with your adverts.

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