Advertising Information

In order to fund all of our websites and our ongoing work here at Infinite Frontiers, we need to develop a steady source of income. This is done through a number of ways which we will explain momentarily.

All income received is used primarily to cover our website hosting costs. This covers our basic hosting fees, additional costs for our enhanced elements for our hosting packages which add additional elements to each of our sites, along with domain name registrations of which we have several variations for each site.

In addition we invest money in music licensing for our podcasts, our YouTube Channel and other software licensing for our existing products, and other future products and have invested in purchasing equipment, computer accessories and video games consoles and accessories to assist members of our team with reviewing products for multiple websites. We believe firmly that this is a sound investment to ensure that we can provide the best possible content across all of our websites.

We have also invested in external software development by providing free grant support for upcoming software developers – something we are firm believers in.

How are we able to do this? Our work has been funded in several ways:-

  • Fanzine Advertising – this is quite limited and sees companies placing adverts in our digital publications. We rarely receive advertising of this nature
  • Website Banner Advertising – again this is quite limited and of a low income nature
  • Affiliate Advertising – we have advertising blocks on all of our websites linking to Amazon and eBay listing items on sale from both sites. These provide us with a small commission on each item sold.
  • Sponsored Posts – these are the main source of income at the moment and how our sites stay online. Companies place links in articles that appear on our websites. Some will provide the articles pre-written for us but in most cases we will write them in house. In every instance we ensure that these are 100% genuine articles and are not simply adverts with a link in them. We ensure that the nature of the article is relevant and entertaining / informative to the site it is posted on and should it be submitted by a sponsor, we retain 100% editorial control and the right to reject anything we feel is unsuitable. We do not endorse any of the sites that are linked to in these posts but we do ensure that we keep the appearance of these down to a minimum – just enough to fund out work.

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