Top 25 PlayStation Mobile Games

Everyone knows that here at Vita Player we are massive fans of PlayStation Mobile. It’s the natural successor to the Minis and while they’re still not quite as fully developed as the larger native PS Vita games, the cut-price range can still offer fantastic gameplay and astonishing value for money. If you’re looking for quick pick-up-and-play fun and casual games such as 바카라 사이트, PSM is the place to look. Unfortunately they have been shunned by many gamers who dismiss them as being little more than ports from smartphones or sub-standard Android-level gaming, but we disagree. There are some games that deserve to be a part of every PlayStation Vita owners collection and for less than the price of a PSN top up card, you can give your games collection a great boost.

With so many games out there to choose from, with several new games being released every week it’s hard to know what ones to buy so we’re here with a helping hand. We’ve got a vast collection of PlayStation Mobile games ourselves and we’ve looked at well in excess of 100 games in putting this guide together. We’ll be updating this on a regular basis but we want to try to bring you a run-down of what we think are the Top 25 must-have games available for the PlayStation Mobile format right now in no particular order.

Updated 22nd September 2014

Chaos Rings PlayStation Mobile 01

Chaos Rings (Square Enix)

As soon as you see the name Square Enix and know that you’re looking at a J-RPG then you just know that you’re in for something special… While not quite in the same league as the Final Fantasy series, this has a good, solid story, stunning graphics and great playability making this one of – if not the best games on PlayStation Mobile at the moment. It’s a hefty download at over 600Mb and is the most expensive game on the platform but it’s worth every penny.

Chimpact Playstation Mobile

Chimpact (Yippee Entertainment)

I love games that are a bit on the quirky and fun side and aren’t afraid of showing characters with a bit of personality and Chimpact certainly fits the bill. Who would have thought that a game that revolves around hurling a chimp through trees could be so much fun. It’s incredibly simplistic, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s easy. Plenty of levels to keep you going and absolutely stunning graphics, this is one that will have you smiling and coming back over and over again.

Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender Playstation Mobile 04

Aqua Kitty – Milk Mine Defender (Tikipod)

There’s nothing quite like a fast arcade shoot-em-up and Aqua Kitty presses all the right buttons. A superb retro chip soundtrack, great 16-bit inspired visuals and most importantly, classic gameplay lifted straight from the arcade legend Defender. If you love arcade games that aren’t pretentious and just let you jump straight into the action and will give you plenty of all-out entertainment, this is one of, if not the best blasters on the PS Mobile.

Haunt The House Terrortown PS Mobile 04

Haunt The House Terrortown (SFB Games)

One of the more original PlayStation Mobile games, Haunt The House Terrortown places you in the role of a ghost and you’re basically tasked with scaring the life out of the residents of a small town. You can do this by attempting to scare them directly or taking posession of various objects found in the town’s buildings and using them to terrify the locals. Each building is occupied by a number of people and you have to clear all four buildings in the town to complete the game. Initially you can only perform a limited number of actions for each item per building, but the more effective you are at haunting, the more abilities you develop. With an incredible range of objects at your disposal, all fantastically animated this makes for a great fun diversion. It’s a little short and one that you will be able to complete within a couple of hours, but it’s still worth adding to the collection.

Life of Pixel Playstation Mobile 46

Life Of Pixel (Super Icon Ltd)

A simple platform game, but a great and somewhat overlooked gem on PlayStation Mobile. A massive tribute to the 8-bit era featuring levels inspired by all the classic computers and consoles of the golden age of computing complete with music recreating that classic era as well. Featuring levels inspired by the Commodore 64, Spectrum, Sega Master System, ZX81, Atari 2600 and more using the same graphics and colours used on the original systems, if you even remotely remember owning any of the computers or games consoles back in the 80s, then this is a must have game!


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