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Now that you’ve had the chance to explore the site and read some of the reviews, no doubt you have some questions about the site and the people responsible for it. We’ll post all of the more common questions people ask us here and we’ll try to update this as often as we can.

Why are so many of the older games featured on the site given good reviews?

As we are a fan-run site, many of the games featured are from our personal collections. Naturally, when buying games we’ve usually taken time before making decisions about what to buy so subconsciously we have pre-screened games or at the very least chosen games that fit in with out personal tastes in gaming. As more of our team become PlayStation Plus subscribers they will be able to get a wider range of games they wouldn’t have otherwise bought and we are slowly getting publisher support in terms of review copies.

If a company sends you a game for review, won’t you give them a better review because you had the game free?

Definitely not. Whether we paid for a game or not we will still tell you whether it is worth buying or not. Ultimately, buying games can be an expensive hobby so we want to make sure that you don’t waste money on sub-standard games.

How much money do you make from running the Vita Player website?

At the moment the site is being run at a loss – we just run the site because we love playing games on the PS Vita and have a general love of Sony PlayStation consoles in general. In time, we hope that the advertising that we feature on the site will cover our web hosting costs and may help raise enough additional income beyond that to allow us to order additional domain names for the site to help people find the site easier. Beyond that, if we do find the site generating excess income, this will be invested back into the site to be able to bring you even more reviews and to enhance the site even more.

How much does it cost to run the site?

At the moment, our hosting costs are approximately £100 a year and we have additional costs for domain name registration (which we may need to cover if we want additional domains beyond our current one). In addition to that, we have extra costs from time to time in sourcing press material to accompany some reviews. While this doesn’t happen often, it does mean that we do have additional costs to cover so every penny we can raise from advertising and income from partnering with sites like Amazon can make a difference to us.

Will you be reviewing PS2, PS3 and PS4games on the site?

At the moment no. Right now we want to focus our efforts 100% on the PS Vita and what will run on this. While we do cover software for the PS One, PSP and PlayStation Mobile platforms, all of this is available to download for the PS Vita via the PlayStation Store. The PS3 and PS4 will be featured as part of coverage for compatible games and Cross Play titles, and PS2 titles will be covered if this support is added to the PS Vita in the future.

Will you be featuring more interviews with developers and publishers on the site?

We are continually looking into this and are only too happy to add more as we are able to…

If you have any questions about the site that aren’t answered here, get in touch using our contact form.

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