PS Vita Cross Buy Guide – Important Update

We’ve been contacted by some of our readers recently regarding our PS Vita Cross Buy Guide. While browsing through the PlayStation Store, they have noticed that a number of titles featured in our guide are no longer mentioning the Vita in their descriptions. We’ve looked into some of the titles that they mentioned to us, and it’s apparent that a number of things have happened.

First, it would appear that Cross Buy support has been removed for a number of titles by either Sony Interactive Entertainment or the publishers themselves. In the case of Lumo, this was removed from the store completely for a while and while this has now returned it is from a different publisher (Thalamus Digital) and we believe that this has resulted in the removal of Cross Buy support.

Secondly, a number of other titles have lost Cross Buy support for a more basic reason. Many publishers have simply removed the PS Vita versions of their games from the store completely. Whether they were no longer selling, licenses have expired or they are too expensive for the publisher to keep online we don’t know, but there have been a large number of the Vita’s catalogue removed already. This has resulted in a sharp rise in the value of the physical copies for many games, but when it comes to Cross Buy it means that this is no longer available.

From our point of view, this now means that our list needs a major update. Over the next month we will be manually checking every single entry on the list to check that they are a) still listed on the PS Vita side of the PlayStation Store and b) are still listed as Cross Buy. We will be checking this using the Vita, a PS4/PS5 and the PC version of the store. With almost 400 titles to check this will take some time so please bear with us, but keep coming back and check the list as we’ll update it regularly over the next month or so.

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