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As you can see, we have a wide range of articles, features and game reviews here on the Vita Player website. We appreciate that many of you visiting the site may run websites of your own and that, as webmasters, there are times when you may struggle to write / find content for you site. Well, here at Vita Player, we may be able to help…

We can offer any website – commercial or amateur – the opportunity to republish content from this website free of charge. While there are no hidden catches to doing this, there are several conditions that we will set in place before you can do this but as long as you meet these, we’ll allow you to use almost anything!

  1. All content must be republished in full as a stand-alone article or review, and not edited or incorporated into another piece.
  2. All writing credits should remain intact.
  3. Both the original author and Vita Player should be credited at the end of the article, along with a short 2-3 sentence author bio (provided by ourselves) and a link to the Vita Player website.
  4. Up to three screenshots can be provided per article from our archive featured on the website.
  5. You must feature a text link back to Vita Player on your links section of your site.
  6. No more than a maximum of 2 pieces of content can be requested for republishing per month.

Please note that you must contact us in advance prior to republishing any content from this site and you must get written permission for each individual item you wish to use. There is no limit to the number of pieces we will allow you to use, but please understand that we can not guarantee exclusivity for any pieces that we allow republishing on the site.

If you are interested in using anything from this site for your gaming site or blog, please get in touch using our Contact Form.

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