Attention PS Vita Publishers And Developers

It is our intention to make Vita Player the most comprehensive game review website possible dedicated to the PlayStation Vita. While our team have a large range of games between them covering most formats that the Vita supports, we want to be able to feature everything released by every publisher. If you have developed or published a title and would like to see it reviewed on this site, please feel free to contact us. We promise that our review team will give your game an unbiased thorough review although we can’t promise a favourable review unless it’s a good game!

If you have any mailing lists for press releases, stills, etc and would like to add us to your list if we are not already on them please feel free to send any promotional materials for your games to us as well to accompany any titles we may feature to although we must stress that we can not offer advertising or publicity in return for press copies of software, but we will provide links back to your sites but please be aware that we do run impartial reviews and can not be swayed!

If you are interested in taking out separate advertising on the website, details of this can be found on our Advertising Page elsewhere on the site. As a non-profit making website, rest assured that none of the reviews on the website are sponsored by any publisher or developer. Any income raised for the site from advertising will be used to cover website hosting costs and towards general site running costs.

For more information or for details on how to supply review code (physical or digital copies), please get in touch with us using our Contact Form.

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