Some of Our Favorite Vita Homebrew Projects

Hey, beautiful Vita Island inhabitant! Welcome to another homebrew entry. Today, I wanted to compile what we’ve highlighted so far here at Vita Player, so that you have a central hub for homebrew projects. Without further ado, let’s go!

Hand Cannon: Janky Reality

This is a 2-bit Mega Man-inspired game that is coming to Vita soon. The developer is even working on a physical release for SD2Vita-capable systems. Honestly, this looks amazing. You can read the feature below, and follow the progress of the project here.

Homebrew Feature: Hand Cannon: Janky Reality, by Island Games

The KyuHEN Development Contest

A huge part of any demo/homebrew scene are the contests. If you’re a fan of the Commodore Amiga, for example, you might be familiar with them. The KyuHEN Development Contest had a similar idea and some really cool stuff came out of it. Here’s our feature about it.

Homebrew Interview – Cimmerian Iter & the KyûHEN Development Contest

What’s the Best Homebrew Browser?

There’s really a lot to choose from when it comes to homebrew software nowadays. But you need a way to browse it, and a lot of people didn’t like the Vita Homebrew Browser for various reasons. I took a look at Better Homebrew Browser to see if it was better. Here’s the article with my verdict.

Vita Homebrew Browser Vs. Better Homebrew Browser Comparison


Honestly, for those who are in the Vita homebrew community, just saying the name is enough. VitaHex has been super active in the scene for years. This is an article we did about one of his projects, Consolepedia 3D.

Homebrew Developer Interview: Consolepedia 3D and Games with VitaHEX

Vita on Other Devices

For a long time, there was no Vita emulation on other devices. Then Windows came, and now you can even play Vita games on Android devices. But the compatibility list is still relatively short, so don’t expect 1:1 library compatibility. Cool to see, though!

Vita Emulation is Here! For Windows, Linux, Even Android! Vita3k

Sonic Mania

I’d have loved to see an official port for this, as I grew up with a Mega Drive rather than a SNES. This homebrew port is pretty good! There are some stutters in the 3D stages, but the 2D stages work flawlessly.

Sonic Mania Plus for Vita is Here! (Mostly)

GTA Android Ports

This list has now grown significantly, so I’ll be updating my list soon. But this is an article on GTA San Andreas, GTA III and Bully becoming playable on the Vita. I’m not a huge fan of SA, but I know a lot of people are. I’m more excited about Vice City, which is also now compatible.

San Andreas, GTA III and Bully Now Playable on Vita!

Homebrew from a 2021 Perspective

This is an oldie but a goldie. We conducted this interview back when the scene was relatively small. It’s an interesting look back at how things were if you were trying to make a game for the Vita in 2021, and how it’s changed since then.

Developing for Playstation Vita in 2021 and Beyond


Ah, yes. A project with a lot of ups and downs, VitaDock is now a pretty open project that allows people to easily make a dock for the Vita (a-la Switch) using a Raspberry Pi. This is an old feature we did on the project, but still relevant today. The project is very active and compatibility is fantatic.

Hombrew Developers Interview: the Team Behind the Rebirth of the VitaDock

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