San Andreas, GTA III and Bully Now Playable on Vita!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Vita homebrew! Previously, we’ve talked to homebrew developers and even taken a look at a couple of reasons why you’d want to hack your Vita. Today, we’ll give you three more. Three best-selling reasons, no less. Yep, this is no clickbait: you can play Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Bully on your Playstation Vita. All thanks to amazing homebrew developers. Want to know more? Let’s go!

First Things First: Buy the Games

The first thing you have to know, is that this hack uses the Steam and Android versions of these games. So you must own the games in order to partake. So, grab your Steam wallet, your PayPal account, go to an official website for a crypto coin or whatever else, and buy the copy of the game you want to play on your Vita. You must also, of course, be the proud owner of a hacked Vita or PSTV. Got that done? Good! Onto the next step.

These Ports Come from Vita Royalty

It’s important to know that these Rockstar ports come courtesy of none other than TheFlow, the hacker responsible for hacking the Vita to allow it to run homebrew software. So, as far as being able to trust the developers, it doesn’t come any better than TheFlow.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This 2004 classic is a fan favorite, and TheFlow and team have been able to port the Android version to Vita. Now, it must be said that running these games isn’t all that easy to set up. So, keep that in mind. But for those of you familiar with the hacking process, you should have no issues. Ready to start your journey? Simply go to the project’s GitHub and get cracking!

Grand Theft Auto III

GTA III comes via the re3 project, a full reverse engineered reimplementation of GTA III. For this, you’ll need a Steam copy of the game, or a physical one. This is a bit easier to get going than San Andreas, so if you’re having issues with SA, try this in the meantime. Once again, just visit the GitHub and go bananas!


This is another Android port, and as such, it’s a bit more complex than GTA III. But, alas, it is at least less complicated to get running than GTA: San Andreas. So, there’s that, at least. A lot less known than GTA, Bully is still a fan favorite, and a game one could probably not get away with making nowadays. Want to get on it? You know the drill: simply go to the GitHub and get it on.

Could San Andreas on Vita Have Saved The Handheld?

It wouldn’t have hurt. A lot of people complain about the lack of big IPs on the Vita, and that includes me. I do think that it would have made a difference to have big titles such as these, even if they were ports, to play on the go. Obviously the power is there, the capability is there. So, why Rockstar didn’t do this, I don’t know. But in the end, at least the homebrew community has come once again to the rescue of us Vita owners. And we are grateful, indeed!


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