Sonic Mania Plus for Vita is Here! (Mostly)

Sonic Mania Plus for the Vita is Here! (Mostly). Yeah, I know I repeated the title twice. But it is worth mentioning both things. I love the fact that we can play what is (in my opinion) one of the best Sonic games ever made on the Vita. I know a lot of work went into making this possible. But the truth isn’t as pretty as all that… yet.

2D Stages

2D Stages like Green Hill Zone 1 work flawlessly.

The 2D stages run absolutely great. 60FPS or near enough for me not to know the difference. It really works smoothly, and you can get the spiked little blue fur going top speed without issue. It is a joy to play, and it really looks astonishingly good on my OLED Vita.

3D Stages

3D stages are slow as molasses.

3D (bonus in-between stages, etc) is where everything falls apart. We go from 60FPS to around 5-10FPS. It’s barely playable and only because they’re mostly short stages. I know the Vita can run stages like that, so it’s clearly an optimization issue. I’m hoping that as work continues to be poured into the port, these stages will run at least at 30FPS so that they become playable.

Should you Install Sonic Mania Plus on your Vita?

Sure, why not? It’s cool to check out, and like I said, the 2D levels work great. Obviously, you’ll need to have a hacked PS Vita for this. I got the files and instructions needed from the amazing /r/VitaPiracy subreddit. You can find them here.

Again, huge thanks to everyone involved in making this possible. I look forward to checking out future versions.

And if you have a Vita homebrew project you’re working on, get in touch to get featured like our friend VitaHEX.


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