Vita Emulation is Here! For Windows, Linux, Even Android! Vita3k

The Vita homebrew community has been alive and thriving for a long time. We’ve even interviewed homebrew developers here. But one topic has remained elusive: emulation. For the longest time, if you wanted to play Vita games, you had to own a Playstation Vita. But today, Vita3K has arrived and with it, the opportunity to play Vita games almost anywhere.

Even PC?

Yes! Vita3K is available even on Windows PC, MacOS and Linux devices. Performance varies according to your operating system and system specs, of course.

Gaming on PC can be a bit expensive, however, as crypto mining continues to be a factor in PC parts pricing, along with the pandemic, shortages and so on. In fact, at this point, if you’re interested in crypto at all, you might as well look for a bitcoin online casino, rather than mining. Plus, it’s a lot more fun to play games than it is to try and find a pool that actually pays people, watch market fluctuations, etc.

Anyway, all of this to say that, actually, the best platform to play emulated Vita games on might be… Android?

Why Android

Simply put: portability. The truth is that Vita games have been designed with portability in mind. Handheld game design is not the same as console game design: level design is different, more oriented towards short bursts of gaming, rather than long-shot stuff.

Also, Vita3K works incredibly well on Android, and we have some really powerful ARM processors at our disposal now.

ETA Prime is one of my favorite handheld YouTube creators and you can get a lot of information regarding this development on the Vita3K emulator for Android in this video:

You have to keep in mind that compatibility isn’t yet at 100%. For x86, compatibility is a bit higher, but Android is coming along nicely as well.


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