First Impressions: Heroes of Loot

“Wow, I’m gonna need to rest my thumb for a while”.

That’s what I thought after I finally died on my first go at “Heroes of Loot”. And I think it sums up the game really well.

The controls are super simple (left analog stick to move around, all buttons for the one attack), the graphics are retro-inspired and really well done, the music is frantic… but the gameplay is where this game shines.

A really light-hearted take on roguelike dungeon crawling RPGs, “Heroes of Loot” simplifies everything and turns the speed knob up to 11.

You select a class, and off you go. Kill enemies, collect loot, upgrade your gear, level up, rinse and repeat. Yet, somehow, it doesn’t feel repetitive. There is a nice variety of enemies and power-ups, and the levels are short enough that you never feel like they’ve over-stayed their welcome.

It’s another perfect example of a game that is definitely better on a handheld, a bit like LEAP’s “Squares“: fantastic in short bursts.

The humor in the game is also a highlight: although there isn’t much dialogue, the dialogue that is there is full of puns and jokes about the genre. I’m a huge fan of homages that don’t take themselves too seriously (I’m looking at you, “Cabin in the Woods”), so “Heroes of Loot”s humor is right up my alley.

The press release said that players can expect new stuff even after level 40, so considering I’m barely into the double digits, I should be encountering many meanies still.

Did I mention it’s PSTV compatible?

Expect a full review soon… as soon as my thumb recovers.

In the meantime, you can read why I loved “The Swindle” so much that I wrote the review only a day out of hospital.

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