“Heroes of Loot” coming to PS Vita September 22nd

Already a success on Steam and mobile phones, Heroes of Loot is coming to PS Vita on September 22nd, according to a PS Blog post by Abstraction Games, the house porting the game to our beloved handheld.

Do you want to know more?

“Heroes of Loot” is… well, I’ll let them explain:

Heroes of Loot is a new take on the classic Gauntlet — not the remake, but the classic 80’s version. It’s a dungeon crawler open to all sorts of players, with the deep statistical stuff of roguelikes stripped out and replaced with arcade shooting.

Orange Pixel’s goal was to create something that had the old feeling of the 8-bit classic but was updated with various current design concepts and tricks, including procedurally generated content, random quests, and just a lot of non-serious action.

Another great thing about Heroes of Loot is that the game keeps on giving, even when you reach level 30 or 40 — players will still discover new things and run into monsters that they haven’t seen before.

That sounds right up my alley!

In the raging storm of endless nonsense that is the internet, people are complaining about “Gravity Rush 2” not coming to Vita… on the launch trailer for “Heroes of Loot”. Because logic?

We, however, can’t wait to try out Abstraction Games’ port of Orange Pixel’s randomly-generated loot machine.

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