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Despite the discontinuation of the PS Vita, the FIFA franchise remains strong. The FIFA games are the highest-selling sports games in history and the next FIFA game is on its way! FIFA 20 will release for most popular gaming systems, including the Playstation 4, on September 27th, 2019.

Predictions on who will be the high-rated players are making their way around the internet. Here are the predictions for 5 of the top-highest rated players.

Lionel Messi

While there is a lot of speculation on who is going to be the top player, all signs are pointing to Lionel Messi from Futbol Club Barcelona. Messi ranked a score of 94 in FIFA 19 and similar results are expected this year because he had yet another outstanding season. He scored 51 goals, registered 22 assists, and was a top scorer in La Liga and the UEFA Champions League. Here is some more need to know info about Lionel Messi in FIFA 20.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo shared the spotlight with Messi as the top player in FIFA 19, but he’s predicted to rank lower in FIFA 20 because his season wasn’t quite as outstanding as Messi’s season. An average season will likely cause Ronaldo to have a lower ranking. However, don’t expect Ronaldo to fall too far down the list. It’s predicted he’s going to be right behind Messi.

Virgil van Dijk

Virgil van Dijk (along with Eden Hazard) is being featured on the cover of the game, so it is almost a guarantee that he’s going to rank high. After an amazing season, he’s predicted to be the highest-rated defender. Some have even predicted that he will rank higher than Messi and Ronaldo.


Neymar ranked high in FIFA 19 and is predicted to rank high again this year, despite being injured for part of the season. But despite his injury, he’s still recognized as one of the top players — he’s just not on the same level as Messi and Ronaldo though, which is why he’s predicted to rank lower than them.

Eden Hazard

As mentioned above, Eden Hazard is being featured on the cover of the game, which means he’s likely ranking high. Despite transferring to a new team this year and having to get used to new teammates, Hazard still had an outstanding season.

How ranking works

Have you ever wondered how the ranking system in the game works? Michael Mueller-Moehring oversees player rankings and bases his judgments on a combination of data collection, statistical analysis, and guesswork.

His team of data reviewers watch every match possible and upload subjective feedback about each player. This feedback takes into consideration the circumstances of the play. After the feedback is collected, it is placed into data fields and attribute categories to determine the official ranking that is used within the game.

Changes to FIFA 20

EA is promising some changes to gameplay in FIFA 20, including more realistic ball movements, dynamic player progression, and the new Volta mode. Many fans are looking forward to the Volga mode, which is meant to replicate authentic street football. Intensive research was done to make the mode feel as authentic as possible. You’ll experience core gameplay features, but the mode is meant to feel distinctly different than the main game.

Something that is disappearing is The Journey mode. This mode followed the tale of Alex Hunter as he tried to become a star. Many fans probably won’t be saddened by the loss of this mode, since they really weren’t able to have that much of an influence over Hunter’s storyline.

Best system to play on

The last time a FIFA game was released to Vita was in 2014, so there is a good chance you’ve already upgraded to another system. But if you’re just starting your journey into the FIFA series, you might be wondering if it best to invest in a Switch, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4. While some prefer Xbox One because of the controller system, PlayStation 4 is your best bet. The game runs more smoothly and you’ll get a wider player base.

Final thoughts

Speculation of the top-ranking FIFA 20 players will continue over the next few weeks. While it is easy to base predictions based off of old rankings and how players performed this season, there’s no definite way of knowing the ranking until the game comes out.

If you’re a FIFA fan, who do you expect to rank high? What features of the game are you most looking forward to?

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