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Yesterday, EA unveiled the latest incarnation of their never-ending FIFA series to a flurry of press coverage bolstered by the news that – for the first time ever – the game was to feature womens teams as part of the game. While not including league teams from around the world, the game is set to take a major step forward for the franchise by including 12 of the Women’s National Teams in the game set for release on 22nd September 2015.

As well as all of the usual upgrades and features that you would expect to find added to the FIFA series, EA confirmed the platforms that the game is being released for and for the first time since the console’s launch, there will not be a version of FIFA 16 for the PS Vita. If previous versions of the game have been anything to go by, this won’t be a disappointment to many Vita owners as it has been several years since we have had a regular version of the game. The original version released for the handheld – FIFA Football (FIFA 12) was an impressive game and while FIFA 13 had minor gameplay updates and the expected kit / roster updates, FIFA 14 and FIFA 15 were major disappointments. These two “Legacy” versions of the game lost the online multiplayer modes and were relegated to offering nothing more than player updates, something that could have easily been provided as DLC content for FIFA 13.

Whether this is simply a case of EA not wanting to invest in developing a new PS Vita title is uncertain, but it was clear that in order to include the Women’s Teams a simple Legacy Edition would not have sufficed.

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