PlayStation Mobile Update – 22nd April 2015

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Even though the end of PSM draws ever closer, there’s no sign of a slowdown when it comes to new releases as this weeks batch of releases shows. Infact, at the moment there are significantly more games being released for the PS Vita by way of PlayStation Mobile than there are as native PS Vita, PS One or PSP titles combined. Perhaps this is something that Sony should have thought about a little more carefully before axing the platform? Regardless, here’s the latest round-up of new releases and updates.

New Releases

  • 3D Checkers (TTS Software LLC) – fairly self-explanatory!
  • 4Photo Tweet (Matsudamper) – image sharing app for Twitter
  • About Turn (Chair Warming Facility) – puzzle game
  • Appli Archives Extreme Pairon Mobile 4 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game compilation
  • Appli Archives G-mode Karate Spirits (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game compilation
  • Block Boy Brick (Mintah) – platform game
  • Dragon Air (Lightning Game Studios) – puzzle game
  • Flabby Sven (Riddle Of The Sands) – nothing to do with our own team member, Sven Harvey(!), just another Flappy Bird clone!
  • Gorillas 3D (Junglingo) – tanks-style game
  • Jewel Crush (Infotronic Games) – match-three puzzle
  • Oh No! Zombies Alive (LostVision Gamestudio) – first person zombie shooter
  • Star Sweeper (LostVision Gamestudio)
  • Stunt Park Infinity (Seth Eislund) – stunt racing game
  • Tanks A Lot (Vanguard Chaos Gaming) – top-down shoot-em-up
  • Totem Topple (Crystalline Green Ltd) – tower defense game


  • Continuous Shooting (Matsudamper)
  • Ele-Mental (Molexendor) – PSTV support added
  • Emil’s Task (Inukage Games)
  • Eternal Interceptor (Team Redherring)
  • Jaggy Race! (Tiziano Bizzini)
  • Miners Of The Sky: Battlefront (S3FR0)
  • MUSYNC (Inferno)
  • Spirit Level (Matsudamper)
  • Tribute (Simone Serra)

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  1. Hello Vita Player!

    I’m the dev of Flabby Sven (Sven is the bird,sorry for any inconvience Mr.Harvey! lol)
    Just wanted to give a warning,somehow the offline highscores are broken.
    Update is coming asap, I’m also trying to include some bonus stuff to make the game more worthwhile.

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