NA PlayStation Store Update – 23rd of June 2015


Another Tuesday, another sale. And for North America, it’s yet another somewhat lackluster sale. However, the very excellent RPG “Rainbow Moon” is on sale, so if you haven’t got it for some reason, it’s definitely a staff pick.

Remember that June’s PS+ games are still in effect as well.

Will you be picking anything up? Rainbow Moon? One of the themes? Let us know in the comments below!

Games on Sale

  • Foosball 2012 –  $7.99 (PS+ $4.00)
  • Jet Set Radio – $3.99
  • Rainbow Moon – $4.99 (Staff Pick)
  • Sonic Rivals (PSP) – $2.49
  • Sonic Rivals 2 (PSP) – $2.49
  • Stealth Inc 1 & 2 Ultimate-est Edition – $8.49
  • Stealth Inc 2: A Game of Clones – $7.49
  • The Impossible Game (Mini) $2.99 (PS+ $1.50)

New Themes

  • PS Vita Another World Theme $2.99
  • PS Vita Beach Sunset Theme $2.99
  • PS Vita Biting Lip Theme $2.99
  • PS Vita Death Theme $2.99
  • PS Vita Desert Drifter Theme $2.99
  • PS Vita Evolution Theme $2.99
  • PS Vita Ghostly Cat Theme $2.99
  • PS Vita Grunge Flag USA Theme $2.99
  • PS Vita I See You Noob Theme $2.99
  • PS Vita Splat Soldier Theme $2.99
  • PS Vita Summer Beach Theme $2.99
  • PS Vita The End Theme $2.99

Anything piquing your interest? Let us know!

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