Limited Edition Final Fantasy XIV PS Vita Launches In Japan

Final Fantasy XIV PS Vita

Set for release later this month, a new range of Limited Edition Vita systems are hitting stores in Japan featuring themes based on the latest chapter of the online MMO Final Fantasy XIV. Partnering with Square Enix, the new designs taking inspiration from Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, there are special models of the PS4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Vita TV hitting retail on 23rd June 2015.

Being released to celebrate the launch of the new expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, the three platforms are each getting new models not only with new decals decorating the exterior (with two versions existing for the PS4 in black or white) but also each console comes complete with exclusive Final Fantasy XIV themes to customise the system’s UI. For Vita owners, there are three variants on offer – the white PS Vita with the design on the rear of the console in special Final Fantasy packaging retailing for 20,980¥

For the Vita TV, this is shipping in two options. The standalone system features full Final Fantasy styling on the white console along with special packaging for 11,480¥. For those without an existing PlayStation system or who are in need of an extra controller, the Value Pack (which also contains a DualShock 3 controller) will be selling for 16,280¥.

While Final Fantasy XIV isn’t available for the PS Vita, it has been a popular game amongst PS Vita owners for Remote Play usage, hence the inclusion in this Special Edition release. Sadly, while Japan seems to receive a large variety of these special edition consoles, we seldom see any of these in the West. It is a pity because we believe that most of these would be instant hits and offer fantastic sales opportunities across the board.

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