Jaggy Race! Update 1.21 To Add PlayStation TV Support

Jaggy Race PlayStation Mobile

The PlayStation Mobile kart platform-racer, Jaggy Race! which we awarded a score of 9 ot of 10 in our review recently is due a second update shortly by its developer Tiziano Bizzini adding new features as well as the much anticipated support for PlayStation TV.

Of all of the new features, the PlayStation TV support was the quickest to add as developer Tiziano said, “From development point of view, it was really easy to implement it, I had just to activate the PS TV flag, build the app and the game was already running on my PS TV console!”.

The game has been enhanced to take advantage of the bigger screen with a brand new mode as he explains, “The game runs really well, but on a big screen it seemed all too big. Solution? Yes! Use a wide angle lens to avoid that, and it works really really well! In this new version we replaced ‘Easy camera’ option with ‘Wide angle’ option (activated by default) which gives you a wider view that fits perfectly for your PS TV and of course this new experience runs also very well on the PS Vita too!”

The new update adds the following new features to the game:

  • PS Vita TV support!
  • Wide angle view option (instead of “Easy camera” option)
  • Normal view is now also slightly wider than before
  • Twitter & Web buttons moved to credits GUI
  • Credits updated
  • Change language bug fixed

The free updated will be available shortly.

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