Game Review: Hoggy 2 (PS Vita) – Video

Hoggy 2

Barely a week goes by without another game landing on the PlayStation Store from Ratalaika. From a Vita owner’s point of view it’s not a case of whether they will bring out more games but when. This isn’t a bad thing going by high standards of late. Even more so with the variety offered. The latest release is no exception as they turn to the platform puzzle genre with Hoggy 2…

About Hoggy 2

Given a choice of two main characters – Hoggy or his wife Hogatha – you’re tasked with saving their children who have been kidnapped. The family were enjoying a day out when they were taken by the evil Moon Men. Now, trapped underground, you have to explore finding keys to escape and get back to your family. Keys can be found in various rooms. To get to them you have to gather all the fruit which then releases the keys to you. But it’s not as simple as it may seem…

Getting The Game

Hoggy 2 is available as a digital download from the PSN Store for £3.99 as a Cross Buy with the PS4. As for our thoughts on it? You’ll have to watch the review below and find out and stick with it to the end to find out what score we gave it!

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