Game Review: Disney Infinity 2.0 (PS Vita)

Disney Infinity 2.0

Until recently I’ve managed to avoid the whole frenzy that has surrounded the collectible figure games genre. With all the hype that has surrounded Skylanders (I’ll never forgive that game for effectively killing off the Spyro series as we knew it) and LEGO: Dimensions, I knew that it was only going to be a matter of time before I ended up buying one of these infernal games. Having a rather chequered history when it comes to the PS Vita, the Marvel Super Heroes Edition of Disney Infinity was originally planned for release, then cancelled and then confirmed again and was finally released back in May 2015 and immediately drew me to it…

When I first looked at the rear of the box for the game I was filled with dread but I was equally struck with confusion at the same time. While I was lead to believe that the game shipped on a physical Vita card, the packaging stated that the game required 3.2Gb of memory card space. Panic quickly ensued as I realised I didn’t have enough on my primary “AAA” memory card to fit the game on. Fortunately, thanks to the intervention of Content Manager and replacing one or two downloads with their retail counterparts, I freed up enough space for the game. Imagine my surprise when I finally collected my pre-ordered copy of the game only to find a full Vita card inside the game box. I was understandably confused at this point. Was the file size referring to a download option and did Disney decide to go physical at the last minute or did the game need an extra 3.2Gb on top of the game card in the same way Borderlands 2 and Final Fantasy X/X-2 needed additional space? It certainly piqued my curiosity.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Spider-Man 1

In the end all that the game required was the card and a small amount of space (30Mb) for the initial patch but at least the housekeeping was done for future downloads. Regardless, opening the box found the boxed game itself, the PS Vita version of the Infinity Base (a slightly cut-down version of the playing board used on the other formats with just space for a solitary figure), a Playset piece, two game power discs, plus a figure – the PS Vita exclusive black-suited Spider-Man. Straight away this was a win for the PS Vita because even though the starter packs on offer for the other systems came complete with figures, Playset pieces etc, all of them seem to be available with relative ease but the same certainly can’t be said for this Spidey figure!

Onto the game itself and if you’ve never played Disney Infinity before, what is on offer is a mash-up of games and products all in one neat package and how you play it is entirely up to you and that’s really what has lead to its mass appeal since the first game was released a few years ago. The game itself it split up into several different elements, each of which can be explored and treated as individual games in their own right. Wanting to dive head-first into the action, the first thing I wanted to do was to get stuck into some Spidey adventuring. The set comes with what are referred to as Playset pieces. When placed on the Infinity Base, these unlock and activate a game mode for play and in the case of the Starter Pack, a free-roaming, third-person mission based Spider-Man story mode. Taking control of everyone’s favourite web-slinger (by placing the toy on the Base) or whatever compatible character you choose, you can play through the extensive story at whatever pace you wish, tackle side-missions, defeating as many of Spidey’s adversaries as you like and just having FUN playing the third-person 3D action game.


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