First Impressions: SwapQuest

SwapQuest came to Vita a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of Rebusmind, a German indie developer. When I saw the announcement video (below), I was positively excited. It looked like a really cool mechanic, and one that hadn’t been explored before.

However, a couple of levels into the game, it’s not really grabbing me yet. It just feels a little sluggish to me, which is odd considering the automated functions in the game (your character moves and attacks automatically as they come to a “prompt”).

The art looks great, and the music is good. The story is pretty run of the mill, though, and while it’s nice that you can choose to be a female protagonist, so far it hasn’t really made much difference. The RPG system behind the game is based on your class, and choosing to play as either the male or the female hero doesn’t seem to have that much of an impact.

It’s pretty early on in the game, though, and I’m still hoping the game will click with me.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad game by any means. It also runs pretty darn smoothly on Vita, and the concept behind the game (swapping tiles to navigate the stage), is pretty cool.

It’s just that SwapQuest and I haven’t really… connected yet.

Stay tuned for my full review coming soon, where I’ll see if this German indie effort flips my RPG itch switch.

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