First Impressions: The Sun and Moon

The Sun and Moon is a marvellously clever puzzle-platformer that was born during a hectic Ludum Dare gamejam, which the developer Daniel Linssen went on to win. It’s the sort’ve game that has to be played to truly understand how it all works. Explaining it just doesn’t quite do the game justice, nevertheless I’m going to try my best and give it a shot…

Essentially, The Sun and Moon is a puzzle-platformer with a really cool, unique mechanic where you can dive into the ground. When you hit the ground your momentum isn’t disrupted, but instead gravity is reversed, which basically gives you the momentum to fling yourself back up and even higher into the air.

The sun and moon 3

Levels are meticulously designed and task you with collecting three orbs, scattered around the level, before finding the exit and moving onto the next. There are certain spiky objects that can ‘kill’ your little blob-like avatar, but the game restarts immediately a ‘la Super Meat Boy or Hotline Miami. Falling to your doom is also a pretty common demise, but the incredibly short levels and instant restart really help alleviate any frustration you may feel.

So far, I’m really enjoying The Sun and Moon. Despite it’s very simple premise and no frills presentation, there’s a devilishly addictive puzzle-platformer underneath that really feels like something rather fresh and new.

Look forward to my full review soon.

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