First Impressions: Bastion

Well, after waiting for literally years to play Bastion on my Vita (I already own the game thanks to the Humble Bundle, but I wanted to play it on my handheld), I started to play today.

And kid (wink), was it worth the wait.

The game is what I wanted it to be, and more: a fantastic action RPG in its own right, made even better by the amazing visuals and the awesome, really other-worldy narration.

There are some frame-rate drops, yes. But they are not game-breaking. In fact, the game is so good so far, that it looks like a serious contender for Vita Game of the Year for me.

Of course, I’ve only played for around an hour, so things could potentially change. But I doubt it. I am completely sold on “Bastion”.

You can expect a full review within the week, but spoiler alert: I’m liking this game a lot.

Going over a bit of the tech stuff: “Bastion” is an action RPG from the guys over at Supergiant Games. You play as “the kid”, going over the remnants of your land, gathering fragments of The Core. Narration is beautiful, the story is enticing, the sound effects are great, the weapons are fun.

What do you want me to say? I. Love. This. Game.

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