Vita Player New Developments For 2014

Vita Player Site Update

We’re going to be making a number of changes and improvements to the Vita Player website in the coming months to bring you all a bigger and better website. Now that Vita Player is just over a year old, we think that it’s time to take the site forward and introduce as many new ideas as we can to give you the PS Vita website that you all deserve. So what do we have planned for the next few weeks / months?

Well, one of the main things is that we want to make the site more interactive. We’ve already got the Forum and we’ve used that to help shape some of the content here on the site and it’s played a part in some of the interviews we’ve conducted recently but we want it to play an even bigger part. We want you to help us decide what type of content you want on the site, what reviews you want to read, what developers you want to see interviewed and when we do announce upcoming interviews what questions you want us to ask. Essentially, we want you to all keep checking here on the site and on the forum as we’ll be offering plenty of opportunities for you to guide the content that we provide.

We’ll also be bringing you more guides and reference articles. We’re beavering away on more buyer’s guides right now including a Top 25 PlayStation Mobile Games feature, and we’re also going to be adding a guide to all of the games available for the PS3 and PS4 that are available to PS Vita owners on a Cross Buy basis.

That’s not all though. We have ambitious plans on the content side of the site. We’re currently running the site from our own pockets and we seldom receive review copies of games. That makes things difficult for us to review all of the latest releases and cover as many games as we would like to but we will be launching a fundraiser for the site shortly. We’re not going to turn Vita Player into a subscription based site or asking people to pay to use the site, but we have big ideas for what we want to do, but we know that we can’t achieve it within our current means.

Competitions will be part of this and if you think the competitions we have run in the past through Twitter and here on the site for mystery games, download codes, Tearaway and more have been great, our ultimate goal is to give retail games away every month if not more!

It’s going to be an exciting 12 months ahead so we hope you’ll join us for the ride!

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