Using Modding to Lengthen the Vita Lifespan

Every system comes with a lifespan, and in this regard, the Vita is like few others. Launched a decade ago, the Vita has lasted far longer than most, with an enormous and diverse fanbase that persists to this day. With the hardware no longer being produced, and official games no longer being released, those unfamiliar with the system might be tempted to call the Vita dead. For those of us deeper in the modding scene, however, the machine isn’t just surviving, it’s still evolving.

What Can a Modded Vita Do?

This is a question with a lot of answers. Whether you already own an unmodded machine or are looking to invest in a system before the price climbs too high, rest assured, there’s something for you. From gaming to browsing, watching movies, and much more, here’s what a modded Vita is capable of.

Playing Games

It makes sense that a video game system would focus firstly on the gameplay, and this is an idea the modding scene has taken to heart. Modding the Vita doesn’t just mean that players can play backups of their favourite titles, it also gives access to the full library of PS1 and PSP games as listed at sites like List Challenges. In total, these combined libraries reach nearly 10,000 titles, far more than anyone could ever hope to complete.

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Outside of Sony systems, the potential for emulation also means that Vita can step into the domain of Nintendo with the NES, SNES, Gameboy, and GBA libraries. Like with Sony systems, these emulated titles run at full speed without issue, extending Vita out into the entire range of the golden age of handheld gaming.

Going one step farther is the possibility for homebrew. This starts with ports of many classic PC games like Hexen and Doom as listed on Brewology, and ends with a growing number of full fan-made titles for the system. This community is still growing strong, so modders after new experiences which push the system to its absolute limits have a bright future ahead.

Outside of Gaming

For a more utilitarian approach, a modded Vita can also be used as a browsing device. Online games might be the obvious choice, but these just scratch the surface of Vita browsing. One of the more popular examples of Vita’s potential can be found in accessing services like this comprehensive Barstool Sportsbook analysis. Even reading reviews like this can be difficult or impossible on current-gen systems, but not on Vita. Instead, modded Vita users can check all the important features like bonuses and included markets, collect bonus codes, and even visit the host websites without issue.

For a more passive experience, the Vita’s OLED screen also makes it great for watching videos on the go, whether through something like YouTube or by running a simple movie file. Also including ebook compatibility, manga reading, game save editing, and remote-play, the options might not be limitless, but they’re still incredibly broad.

If you’ve been holding back on modding or buying a Vita, there’ll likely never be a better time to get started. Vita modding is easier than ever, and the machines are only going to become more difficult to get a hold of the rarer they get.

Sure, the system might be underrated against the Nintendo competition, but for many users, the Vita is still the best handheld of all time. With modded opportunities, the likes of which it offers today, that’s not an easy position to argue against.

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