Top 5 VR Casino Games in 2022

5 Best VR Casino Games You Should Play Today

The online casino industry has been advancing rapidly since its inception in the early 1990s, thanks to tech-savvy stakeholders who work overtime to ensure players have the most amazing experience. Over the years, the sector has accommodated numerous technological trends, with Virtual Reality or VR being the latest innovation. VR immerses players in a spectacular computer-generated environment allowing you to interact with elements first-hand. It aims to give you the feel of brick-and-mortar casinos while eliminating the scrambles and crowds associated with the establishments. Virtual Reality has also seen the advent of top-drawer games, with the following options offering more than you bargained for.

1. Gonzo’s Quest VR

In 2018, NetEnt, a superior software provider, introduced players to the VR version of their popular slot machine Gonzo’s Quest. The online casino game, which is already prevalent among fans worldwide, has seen millions of players spin its reels using no deposit casino bonuses thanks to promo codes from top operators. With a VR headset, you can join Gonzalo Pizzaro, the main character in the hunt for El Dorado, the city of gold. The VR version treats you to an absorbing 3D world where you encounter a whole new representation of Gonzales. Gonzo’s Quest’s reels of the VR game are set between two walls to depict a gate making it even more fascinating.

You are free to explore the immediate environment as you try your luck to win actual cash. To capture your attention, Gonzo’s Quest VR gives you a 360-degree view of the platform. As a result, you can look back on the rainforest and see animals crawling around. If you check to the left, you will find the paytable and other relevant information about the game. Everything is seamless, and this will see you enjoy Gonzo’s Quest like never before. The 3×5 slot machine with an RTP of 95.97% and 20 paylines will give you access to free spins and multipliers. All you need to do is match special symbols on a payline. What will impress you more is the avalanche feature. For the first time, you will see the avalanche effect in 3 dimensions.

2. Casino VR Poker

No one would have ever guessed that the future of remote gambling could reach to a point where you can play online poker in an incredible fictitious digital environment that depicts real casinos. This is until the introduction of Casino VR Poker, an immersive game that allows you to play the card game with different characters from all over the globe. The virtual reality version introduces you to a relaxed atmosphere where you can kick back and have fun. In Casino VR Poker, you can watch players’ hand movements and call their bluff. Thanks to the spatial voice chatting feature, you can also enjoy in-game communication, not to mention interact with the croupier, while deciding which step to take in winning some cash.

Generally, Casino VR Poker gives you a wholesome multiplayer experience that you can barely get from a standard online casino game. You can watch players climb the leaderboard in real-time and learn tricks from other participants. Every session will see you lose track of time not just because of the impressive gameplay but due to the engaging virtual environment. Like any other poker game, Casino VR Poker has strict gaming rules that you can go through as soon as you launch the game. For the ultimate satisfaction, make sure you use the right VR gear. Moreover, you will need a stable internet connection.

3. Big Spins VR Slots

Slot machines have always been considered the heart of casino gaming which is why knowing that you can finally dive into the virtual world of Big Spins VR slot is uplifting. The game bridges the gap of real-life versus online casino games by allowing you to experience both options in every session. Once you launch Big Spins VR Slots, you will have complete access to a casino room with the slot machine situated at one end. But before you can walk to the video slot and start spinning the reels, the system allows you to make your preferred changes. While playing the game, you are free to look around the casino and soak in the design of the virtual establishment.

On the VR, you can view the 5-reels and 3-rows of the slot machine through its virtual screen. You will also encounter classic symbols, including the BAR, WILD, 7, and Bananas. The reward for each symbol is neatly displayed right above the actual screen of the video slot. Moreover, Big Spins VR Slots feature an auto spin function which you can use if you wish to play the game hands-free. Every time you win cash, the video slot displays a message stating how much credit you have won before showering you with gold coins emanating from the top of the machine. Big Spins is, in a nutshell, one of the most impressive VR Slots you can play.

4. Bullet Roulette VR

Bullet Roulette is one of the deadliest Casino VR games available today. The game features an eerie scene introducing you to suspicious persons with mysterious pasts. None of the characters are there to play fair, so you have to learn the ropes to avoid ending up on the gun’s muzzle. Your objective is to shoot players in the game and win cash while avoiding being shot. Note that different scenarios and outcomes will place the gun in your hands. For example, the operator may ask you to get 1s or any particular card combination to shoot. The nature and gameplay of Bullet Roulette has attracted many fans. The technology involved is among the few reasons why casinos now see online gambling as a better bet. What will also thrill you about the VR game is the virtual environment.

For instance, as soon as you launch the game, you will have a clear view of the roulette table with cards placed face down on the felt. Furthermore, you will see every available character involved. Remember, you can easily display the gaming rules on the VR space. You should go through every aspect of the terms to understand the game better. Thanks to the rules, you will learn that, for each round, you have to draw two cards, with each draw having the ability to change the game’s direction. If a player escapes the bullet, they get $1, which they can use to shoot a player the next round.

5. Apollo Slots VR

Apollo Slots VR is an immersive updated version that puts the Apollo Slots demo app in virtual space. Unlike other casino games, Apollo Slots VR is played offline, making it the only game of its kind. The slot machine allows you to move around the virtual environment while spinning the reels of the fast-paced Vegas-themed slots. It will introduce you to five reels and 3-rows, not to mention a bunch of symbols such as Sliced Watermelon, Lime, 7, Grapes, a Bell, and a Diamond. Each symbol has its purpose, which you can learn on the game’s menu.

Even though Apollo Slots VR is not one of the best-styled VR Casino games, it is genuinely entertaining and suitable for different players. The in-game sounds are captivating, with each outcome determining the kind of sound the slot machine will produce. Apart from the colorful screen, Apollo Slots VR has two more displays, one showing how much you have won, whereas the other displays your balance. You will also find options such as bet, spin, shop, and stop. Lastly, a paytable will give you details about the available winning ways. Overall, the VR Casino game is simple and exciting, especially for players who don’t have access to the internet.

These are so far some of the top VR casino games in 2022 that you should play. Each game comes with unique features and gameplay. Furthermore, they have different virtual environments, with some like Big Spins VR Slots going above board to provide you with an entire virtual casino. This means you can roam in the environment and check out different aspects of the establishment, for instance, the ceiling and casino design, before embarking on spinning the reels.

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