The Simpsons Comes To Minecraft On PS Vita

The Simpsons Minecraft

Already incredibly popular on other formats, this week sees the release of The Simpsons skin pack for Minecraft across all PlayStation formats through the PSN Store. The skin pack features the whole Simpsons family along with a whole host of other familiar characters from the series and will be priced at just £3.29/€3.99 for the Cross Buy bundle.

If The Simpsons isn’t quite your thing then that’s not the only thing worth looking out for this week for Minecraft fans… a free update to the game bringing with it a brand new playable character – Alex! Alex is Steve’s female counterpart for the game. While Alex may have a more slight appearance, she plays exactly the same as the game’s regular protagonist so now you’ll have a choice of 16 character skins right from the start – 8 for Steve and a further 8 for Alex in addition to any that you may have purchased from any DLC packs.


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