The Best Sports Games on PS Vita

The PS Vita was a technological marvel that didn’t get the interest and success it deserved. However, during its life, it has been blessed with several great sports titles for fans to play on the go. Here’s a look at some of those games.

FIFA Football

While several other football games were released on the Vita, the true leader in this genre is FIFA. EA Sports released four versions of its legendary FIFA Football series on the PlayStation Vita. The first, titled simply FIFA Football, was just a part of the FIFA 2012 game released on all other consoles.

It had support for multiplayer gaming, and contained teams from 29 leagues, allowing players to replicate blockbuster games like the Madrid derby, or Liverpool vs. Manchester United. Games like these are always exciting, both in the virtual world and in real life. That’s because of the long-standing rivalries between clubs where the pride of victory over the other side is more important than the 3 points that are up for grabs.

MLB 13: The Show

All of the games in the MLB: The Show series that were released on the PS Vita received raving reviews from both critics and fans. However, the 2013 version scraped slightly higher numbers than the others with a Metacritic score of 79.

The MLB: The Show series is known for its attempt at creating the most realistic baseball simulation game on the market, and its 2013 release continued to improve on the previous versions. It contained new control features, a postseason mode, and better player development, helping to add to the realism even further.

OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood

With a Metacritic score of 85, OlliOlli2 is one of the best-received sports games for PlayStation Vita among critics. Initially an exclusive to the PlayStation Vita and 4, it was released in 2014 as a sequel to OlliOlli, which was a unique skateboarding game. This updated version was set in a representation of Hollywood with 50 levels and 250 challenges for fans to sink their teeth into.

Unlike the others, it is designed to be a fun game that isn’t an accurate simulation of real-world sports and uses a classic 2D format that you’d expect from a classic Mario or Sonic game.

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