The 6 Most Popular PS Vita Games for You to Enjoy

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The PS Vita is a bit of an oddball. In an age of smartphones that are able to stream thousands of games, this PSP predecessor brings you creative indie games, remakes of classics, and downright addictive role-playing games. The gaming industry may have declared the PS Vita dead, but for those devoted to this little Sony handheld console, we’re here with you.

To get the most of your PS Vita, take a look at these 6 popular games you can enjoy while on-the-go or in the comfort of your own home.

1. Persona 4 Golden

While many of us try to erase high school from our mind, you can recreate the perfect high school experience in one of the most captivating RPGs out there. When playing Persona 4 Golden, you’ll take on the role of a Japanese high school student, creating friendships, going on pizza dates, and hitting up the mall after school. But these relationships aren’t for nothing.

Out of school, you can access the secret TV world where you fend off serial killers and fight off shadow monsters. Persona 4 Golden brings on new characters to interact with, demons to slay, and personas to master. And if you can’t get enough of this addicting RPG, Persona 4: Dancing All Night is a great follow up to get your groove on.

2. Severed

Severed is a great reminder of why the PS Vita is such a great system, even if it is slowly fading out of existence. Drinkbox Studios did exceptionally well with this first-person action game. The premise goes as follows: You’re a girl named Sasha who just lost her home and family… but did she? If she wants to get back to the place she knows, she has to fight off enemies and explore the volatile landscape to return home.

3. Minecraft

It’s no accident that Minecraft falls on our list of the most popular PS Vita games to play. With over 91 million monthly players, this game of endless possibilities can draw anyone in. Want to become a farmer? Go in creative mode and raise your own chickens, harvest crops, and build a barn. Or, are you looking for some suspenseful action? Survival mode will put your skills to the test as you fend off dragons.

Minecraft is the perfect on-the-go game for you to enjoy. However, with its cross-platform functionality, you can easily sit back in your gaming chair and play on your liquid cooled gaming PC, or switch over to another console or your smartphone to continue your adventures.

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4. Gravity Rush

You may not be able to afford a quick trip to the moon and do flips and spins in mid-air. But with Gravity Rush, you’ll be able to re-orient gravity with Kat, the main character, as you fight off skyscraper-sized bosses and the evil jelly-monster Nevi. This open-world adventure game comes with a fire soundtrack and unique visuals that will captivate any user. And as you shift gravity at will, make sure you hold on tight with an ergonomic power grip that lets you play for two times longer.

5. Tearaway

The Vita’s front-facing camera makes Tearaway a force to be reckoned with. No longer are you a bystander simply going through the motions as you navigate open-spaced gaming environments. Tearaway uses all of Vita’s hardware to immerse you into the game, that makes this game difficult to tear away. As you explore through the papercraft world, you’ll notice the people of the world are paying attention to you, thanks to the PS Vita’s camera. You can even use the touchscreen display as you try to beat the game’s mission: delivering a unique message to the player.

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6. Hotline Miami

Imagine if Quentin Tarantino and creator of Miami Vice, Anthony Yerkovich, teamed up to create a video game. Hotline Miami is an all-out kill-fest with bloody and crime-ridden missions, that makes this game easy to pick up and play. For each assignment, you (as the gunman) are required to take out the bad guys with weapons, stealth, and skills. And to make sure none of your progress goes unsaved, invest in a PS Vita memory card so you can store all of your games’ data.

Wrapping Up

The PS Vita may be on its way out of the gaming world, but that doesn’t mean you can get lost in the wonderful, yet sometimes weird, games. From one-person fighters to open-spaced adventures, the PS Vita is the perfect pocket accessory to get your gaming on.

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