Technology Feature: Will 5G Influence The Universe Of Gaming?

As soon as we got used to 4G the development was already underway for 5G and things are moving quickly. 5G is actually up to 20 times faster than 4G so no wonder 5G is expected to quickly penetrate the world of gaming and completely change the way we play games. 5G means, in short, that we are going to enjoy wireless broadband speeds that will skyrocket – all that straight on our smartphones, as well as other popular mobile devices we usually use for playing games. In other words, we will no longer experience the frustration of a lagging game that usually ruins our gameplay and puts us into a bad mood. Eager to find out more about this particular technology of the future? Read on!

What To Expect From 5G

5G technologies are expected to have a rather random or unpredictable effect on the gaming industry. Why? Because it would introduce us to a lot more cloud services in the form of curated game services that rely on 5G. Games that use this technology are expected to become available for gameplay anytime, anywhere, on all types of devices and screens. With projected numbers of gamers expected to reach 5 billion in just a few years, the need for this kind of omnipresent technology is undeniable.

Online casino gaming is already among the most developed industries when it comes to modern technology. Still, even sites like the absolute top casinos listed by will benefit further from 5G as many players, even with 4G, can’t experience the full potential of features within many games. People around the globe still need more portable gaming technologies that are high-end and that allows us to take our gaming on the go, just like we can work remotely from any location on the globe, at any hour of the day and night. With lots of gaming developers who have already developed beta stages of their new 5G games, we can expect to soon not be forced to depend on our home computers or consoles or other types of bespoke hardware to enjoy a fun gaming experience.

5G technologies will also open the gates to a portal of diversity in terms of content. This means we will get to enjoy a lot more diverse content in terms of entertainment and gaming solutions, thanks to the subscription models that are going to make their way into the industry. They will replace the purchase of regular packages and allow users to try more things.

Another hard fact concerning the introduction of 5G technologies to the masses is that both content creators and publishers will need to figure out how to handle the perfect balancing between content volume and quality. Would you like to see hundreds or thousands of fresh slot casino titles offered by the same platform all in one month (most of which you will not enjoy playing) or just a few top-quality ones you know you are actually going to enjoy playing? This is one question that both players and content creators will need to spend some time contemplating and answering.

Higher Discoverability Rates

If you are familiar with Netflix and the huge number of available options every day, you should understand why it is important to be able to use a more efficient way of deciding what to watch next. Now try to transfer these thoughts into the world of mobile gaming. As you can imagine, scrolling over and over again through an app store will also bring you face to today with thousands of options. While the choices are there, you do not really know how to make your pick. For example, scrolling through casino slots titles, trying to figure out which game to try next can be a real hassle when they all basically work the same. Most users have started to rely on highly popular titles that are known to make huge gross revenues simply because they believe it will help them access top content. They are intentionally narrowing down their options in terms of content. 

On the other hand, 5G will allow players to try out instant games using a crated gaming catalogue. Each game can be briefly tested for a few seconds by simply clicking or tapping the Play button, and immediately decide if the game is for them or not. There will be no more restrictions when exploring new games and no need to download any software. These are just a few of the excellent benefits of the enhanced discoverability that 5G technologies come with.

We are eager to see what the future holds. One thing is certain, though. We are all soon going to enjoy larger levels of discoverability via social enabling and more diversified content, which is excellent news for passionate players.

Title photo by Adrianna Calvo from Pexels

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