Sony Confirms Final Closure Dates of PS Vita and PS3 Stores

A few minutes ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment issued an update online through their support website confirming the rumour about the closing of the PlayStation Store for PS3, PSP and PS Vita owners. Also emailed to PlayStation users, it confirmed the closure of the PS3 and PSP store access on 2nd July 2021 along with the PS Vita store closure on 27th August 2021.

Expected Ending

Many were expecting this announcement following the breaking report last week about the closure. Following the closure of the web versions of the store last year for the PS3 and PS Vita leaving users dependent on the lacklustre console apps, die hard fans were left with a workaround to access the old store using a direct access URL.

When these links stopped working yesterday, redirecting gamers to the front page of the new-look PlayStation Store many expected an announcement imminently. As part of the announcement, Sony have answered most questions and concerns from gamers, which seem to alleviate many of the worries we have had to start off with. Some of the key points to note were:

  • New purchases can not be made after the closing dates apart from PS4/PS5 content
  • All previously purchased / downloaded games will still be available to redownload via your Download List
  • Remaining funds in your PSN account after this time can only be used for PS4/PS5 content. If you only have a PS3/PSP/PS Vita, refunds can be requested
  • PlayStation Plus games will still be available for use as long as your membership remains active

A Few Surprises

A few things to note was that there was no mention of game patches still being available for those needing to redownload titles (or using physical game cards). Also, of greater importance was that of Cross Buy. Sony specifically mentioned that games currently available in the PlayStation Store as Cross Buy for the PS4/PS5 that will be on sale after the cut-off date will still honour the Cross Buy function. So in theory we will still be able to buy PS Vita games from September onwards, but only those that support Cross Buy!

This is potentially great new, meaning that we’ll still have access to hundreds of Cross Buy games for the PS Vita. We’ll keep you updated on what is available, but in the mean time we’d advise you to continue to protect your digital collection so if you haven’t already done so, we’d strongly advice you to head over to Sony’s website and download Content Manager.

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