Skill-Based Video Games are Taking Over Vegas and its Online Counterparts


Gaming has always been a hobby that has been open to people of all ages and skill levels. It’s never been something to discriminate and exclude people those who don’t consider themselves to be “expert players” and the industry always adapted itself with the products it released. Software publishers, right since the 1980s, realised that games had a broad appeal. While there were many players who seemed able to complete almost every game thrown at them, displaying incredible skills and abilities, others just enjoyed playing games no matter how capable they were.

Even today we’ve seen that continue with games aimed at both serious and hardcore players. The Android and iOS markets are rife with titles aimed at the casual market looking for more relaxed play, whereas the PC gaming sector has a larger market for games aimed at the more hardened and more competitive players. The Vita seems to sit nicely in between the two with plenty to keep the more serious gamers happy looking for a more long term challenge, yet enough more relaxed casual games that can appeal to players of all ages. Publishers like Ratalaika have taken the lead here with games that don’t punish average players, offering them unlimited lives and chances to play in games like Gravity Duck.

But regardless of the game’s difficulty, some degree of skill has been important to make things enjoyable. Recognising the importance of that, in 2015 Nevada’s gambling authorities permitted gaming machines which reward players, who show a greater degree of skill, with greater winnings. It was a massive step forward given that the gambling hotbeds of Las Vegas and Reno had only featured mundane and mind-numbing slot machines for decades. Striking a blow for the younger generation, America’s second gambling city, Atlantic City, followed suit later that year.

They used to say when America sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold. It could be true but there’s no doubting when Vegas does something radical the online gaming world does it better and normally has it polished long before Sin City has it fully rolled-out.

The gambling Mecca is quickly becoming awash with Esports gaming venues, the most notable of which is the HyperX Esports Arena within the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Of course Esports players are skill laden and they will not stop serious gaming in order to play a game of Luxor Bingo or Keno, and random luck slots are never going to get any action. It’s quite sad that with games like Killzone and Call Of Duty both making an appearance on the Vita that the system never had the chance to prove itself in eSports but who knows, if there is ever a PS Vita 2 then that may be an area it could move into. But that’s a discussion for another day…

Likewise we are seeing a change of tack within online casinos which differ from their land-based casino counterparts. Their owners are acutely aware of a shift in its customer’s attitudes with slots, scratch card games and classics such as roulette slowly losing their foothold and market share in preference to video and gambling games that reward good play and not random luck.

In order to promote this new generation of virtual reality inspired skill-based games, free play no deposit required offers like the ones listed here – – are now heavily promoted across the internet. They are a big enticement too as the prospect of winning money with no risk is very real.

In fact, shrewd operators can spin a profit from online casino no deposit bonus offers, not just by applying skills to online video games but by playing off one free bet offer against another. To quantify that, in a sport betting scenario, if you place bets on opposing tennis players you may win small and you could lose small. However, if you have two no deposit required free bets and you back both rivals a meaningful profit is guaranteed. It’s not a theory, it’s a fact. Video gaming for money can be exploited in the very same way.

But beyond some potential free cash, or real money losses, the cross-over between old style casino games and skill-based video games is a fascinating and, as with online poker, the potential for the most skillful players to enjoy handsome cash rewards is already very real.

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