Online Casino Gaming vs Land Based Casino Gaming – What are the Differences?


For many of us, video games give us an escape from the real world. To experience new worlds, new adventures and do things we never dreamed possible. For some, it’s to become an action adventure hero. For others it’s to drive fast sports cars and others dream of exploring space as some dashing galactic warrior. Regardless, it’s to delve into the world of something that we’re not. But in other cases, gaming gives us the chance to replicate parts of the real world that we can play an active part in. Sports games and management simulators that are within the reach of everyday gamers.

Just because it’s a recreation of something real, it doesn’t stop it from being exciting. One of the best sports games to grace the PS Vita is Sony’s very own Everybody’s Golf and elsewhere on the site we raved about the anime-based Let’s Fish! Hooked On. A game that took the leisurely paced sport of fishing and turned it into an incredibly addictive game. The same can be said when it comes to the PSP. Over on the Vita’s older brother, there was an abundance of casino themed games. Some creating brand new virtual casinos and others recreating some of the world’s most famous or tournaments with the world’s leading players.

For many, playing all of these on a console or any other device is the closest that they can get to the real thing. There is definitely something special about visiting a land based casino. On many occasions, it’s just as much about the experience as it is about winning. People organise visits to a casino on special occasions such as a birthday celebration.

However, as far as gambling itself is concerned, the online world is experiencing the most growth. People are now seeing online gaming sites as a safe and fair place to experience the thrill of gambling. There is something appealing about being able to play roulette, poker or slots without ever having to leave the house. So, what are the big differences between online casino gaming and land based casino gaming and which is the best option?

The convenience of online play

There has been a lot of talk in the past about whether online slots are fair. In fact, there is no need to worry on that score, for players who choose a reputable online gaming site. A random number generator is used to make sure that the odds are not unfairly stacked in favour of the casino.

Given that this is the case, it’s easy to see the attraction of online casino play. All that a player needs is a secure Internet connection and they can sign up for an account. Of course, most casinos will ask for acceptable proof of id; certainly before any winnings can be withdrawn. Even bearing this in mind, playing at an online casino is easy, and play is available 24/7. Players can relax at home in their pyjamas and play, if they choose to. This is very different to the land based casino experience where there is often a dress code.

The draw of the land based casino

The fact is that there will always be a place for the land based casino, even with the growth of the online market. Experiences such as spending time savouring the retro Las Vegas experience are something that cannot be replicated online. This is despite the fact that many online casinos now have live casino offerings with real dealers.

There is still something very different about stepping over the threshold of a land based casino. The big casino brands know how to entice people in, and how to keep them engaged once they are there. The emphasis is on fun, with flashing lights and sounds effects being the order of the day. Land based casinos also steer clear of having windows, so players keep on enjoying the experience and do not worry about what time of day it is.

The main difference between online gaming and visiting a land based casino is the experience itself. A land based casino is all about social interaction and being able to interact with games in a real life situation. On the other hand, online casino sites make the process of playing a lot more convenient. Players can relax and have fun in their own home.

The truth is that neither online gaming nor playing at a land based casino is necessarily a better choice. The choice that is made is a personal one and there is room for both experiences in the future of gambling. For those of you not sure if either option is the choice for you just quite yet, just fire up the PSP, grab a few of the games available on the market (we’d recommend Hard Rock Casino as being the best on the system) and give it a go and experience the games in a standalone environment before moving on.

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