Scintillatron 4096 Heading To PS Vita This December

Scintillatron 4096

kFunction Ltd is delighted to announce Scintillatron 4096 – a high score retro shooter which will be coming to PlayStation this December! An intense combo challenge with an array of online leaderboards and trophies, the game is fast paced and full of arcade shoot ‘em up action! Scintillatron 4096 is the debut game from kFunction and will be exclusively available on PlayStation Vita® and PlayStation® 4 in December 2018. It will initially be available in the European and American territories.

About Scintillatron 4096

In Scintillatron 4096 players take on hundreds of enemies in frantic showdowns whilst also making tactical choices about the colour-based combo system. Combinable power ups can either help or hinder game play and topping the global rankings is the aim of the game. Scintillatron is proud to be a mix of old and new. It combines classic arcade gameplay and an old school soundscape with a modern soundtrack.

Scintillatron 4096

The Developers

Scintillatron 4096 was created by game designers Chris Pritchard & Roch Gadsdon, under their company: kFunction Limited. During development, both Chris and Roch used everything they’ve learnt since the 90’s to produce a vibrant shoot ’em up with a retro style but gorgeous visuals. The game is scheduled for release with PlayStation® in December 2018 and will be available on both the Playstation®4 & PlayStation®Vita consoles.

“We’ve been passionate about games since the classic arcades and home computers of the 80’s. This seemed the right place for our studio to start, and we’ve tried to create something that mixes the gameplay of that era with some new twists and a modern look. We really hope you have fun with it!” – Roch Gadsdon, Founder.

Game Modes and Features

  • Combos – This is what it’s all about! High scores need combos. Enemies are one of two colours. Take them out in sequence and aim for a perfect wave. Learn what to attack first, how to ‘herd’ the enemies and how to use the colour-flip-power-up to maximise your combo score.
  • Local 2 Player – On the PS4, battle deep as a co-operative team on a high score attack OR in the competitive battle mode played over a series of rounds
  • Single player –  Alternatively, play on your own with dedicated high score tables, rankings and achievements.

Scintillatron 4096

  • Challenge – We mean it when we say the game is easy to play but difficult to master. Progress a little, build some combos and you’ll find packed, intense levels with audio and visuals to match.
  • Achievements – Can you get the whole set? Can you clear 5 whole waves with perfect combos? Reach wave 10 without using a power up? Kill 6 enemies with a single shot? Plus many more…
  • Power Ups – The game is full of many clever power ups that add fire power, multiply your score and change enemy behaviour in surprising ways. You’ll need to watch out for the power downs as they will make your life much harder!
  • Enemy lineup –  It starts simple with a handful of coloured drones and progresses to assassins, chain-reacting mines, ‘Fat Agnus’ and the dreaded ‘Hurry Up’. Learn how to defeat them all and how to exploit them for the highest score possible.
  • Ultra HD Quality – Amazing visuals and 4K quality on the PlayStation®Pro! 60FPS and intense audio to match

This is shaping up to be another great arcade shooter to add to the PS Vita’s collection. Could it make it into our Top 10? Only time will tell…

Are you looking forward to this one? Let us know in the comments below.

Scintillatron 4096

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