‘Rollers of the Realm’ rolling onto Vita in November

Rollers of the Realm, the combination pinball / RPG game produced by Atlus and Phantom Compass, will be coming to the Vita in November 2014, it has been revealed.

The developers have posted a video of the game in action on the Playstation blog. It’s a highly unusual combination, but one that might just work particularly as a portable game.

In the game, players will actually use a ‘party’ of different pinballs with varying impacts. For example, the Rogue can get through tight spaces, whereas the knight has the ability to smash through to other areas. Players will have the ability to get change members of their ‘party’ on the fly, which will make for an interesting game mechanic.

The game will be cross-buy and cross-save, so those with a PS4 will also be able to transfer their game across and continue on the big-screen should they so desire.

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