Revisiting the Casinos in GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA V‘s Viewood Casino isn’t the first gambling parlor to be featured in the franchise. Liberty City is one of Grand Theft Auto’s most storied locations. The city first appeared as the setting for Grand Theft Auto III, the franchise’s jump to 3D. This, not unlike Fallout 3‘s difference to both its predecessors. This city, however, features more fine gambling establishments than almost any other in the franchise, with some cool story plots to go along with them. Why don’t you join me, then, in revisiting the casinos in GTA: Liberty City Stories?

The Big Shot Casino

The Sindacco Family’s crown jewel, Big Shot Casino suffered a bit of a blow in the grand scheme of things. After Toni and the Leones started wreaking havoc, a new casino took its place: Kenji’s Casino (as featured in GTA III).

Though it’s far from the best uk online casino, let’s not also forget that this is the very same Big Shot Casino on whose roof Toni Cipriani himself killed Kazuki Kasen. In a katana duel, no less!

Leone Casino

This is the big bosses’ home turf. Leone Casino, owned by the Leone family and located in Saint Mark’s district, was the target of many a Sindacco family attack. Toni Cipriani made short work of that, though, and with the help of some Leone family members, rebutted the attacks.

The Leone Casino: A fine Establishment.

This fine gambling establishment was saved thanks to Joseph Daniel O’Toole, who tipped Toni Cipriani off about Sindacco’s nefarious plans. I love this place, it is cntral to the story of the game. Revisiting the casinos in GTA: Liberty City Stories would not be complete without highlighting the Leone Casino.

The Dolls House

This is possibly the location to which I’d like to return the most. We don’t know much about it. We do know that it is a casino and bordello. And we do know it is run by the Sindacco family. Or at least, it was until they were kicked out. But we never see the actual dolls anywhere. In fact, Joseph Daniel O’Toole tells Toni to blow it up, and he does, without even going into the place.

There is a similar building in Grand Theft Auto III, but we never go inside of it either. It is also a bit further south. I hope we can make something out of this building in future visits to Liberty City. I think there’s a lot to be told within the context of that particular narrative.

Final Thoughts on the Casinos in GTA: Liberty City Stories

Overall, there are plenty of gambling joints in Liberty City. Sadly, most are just story settings and you can’t actually go in and have a flutter. There’s also the wasted potential in The Dolls House. Wouldn’t it even be cool to have real money online slots based on The Dolls House? Ah, one can dream. But overall, I feel like Liberty City Stories has a plot far superior than any mobile GTA game of the time had any right to.

Ah, yes! Someday we’ll go back to The Dolls House.

Sure, they’re not the most interactive things out there. But I still enjoyed the Katana duel at the top of The Big Shot, and I’m still intrigued by The Dolls House. In terms of staying power, you can’t ask for much more than that.

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