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When you think about first person shooters, the first game that springs to mind is the Call Of Duty franchise. when it comes to the PS Vita, Killzone Mercenary dominated the genre with its true console quality visuals and gameplay. While it did have an entry in the CoD series, it didn’t match Killzone in terms of quality, let alone come close to its console counterparts.

And that was just the basic game itself. Lacking the tournament play that has made the PC version so popular, it’s no wonder that the handheld version faded into obscurity so quickly. Truthfully, I’m sure we would have all loved to have seen competitive tournaments built around the Vita version of CoD or other multiplayer games, sadly it was never going to happen.

But on the PC, Call Of Duty thrives as a competitive eSport both for players, spectators and more…

Call of Duty League 2022

Call of Duty League 2022 continues at full speed. Teams prepared for the aftermath of the Pro-Am Classic continue to make last-minute changes. In the race to collect points for the CDL 2022 Final, the fierce competition has reached the final level.

In particular, the Pro-Am Classic, which was held before the CDL Stage 3 Major, concluded on May 8, 2022. Also the New York Subliners, who were not seen as favourites, managed to win the tournament. Furthermore, teams continue to make substitutions as the competition heats up for CDL 2022.

In today’s article, we will take a closer look at the roster changes of the teams in CDL 2022. We think it will be an efficient guide especially for Esports and CDL betting lovers. Because in this way, you can participate in Call of Duty crypto bets and make more consistent predictions. Furthermore, if you are ready now, let’s start and take a quick look at our article.

May 2022 Current CDL Rosters

As you know, there are 12 teams competing in CDL. Moreover, now we would like to present the current rosters of the teams as a table. Then we will share the team changes made in the last 3 months.

Team Current Roster Substitute Coach
Atlanta FaZe aBeZy, Cellium, Simp, Arcitys Prestinni Crowder
Boston Breach Capsidal, Methodz, Nero, TJHaLy Zed
Florida Mutineers Skyz, Owakening, Davpadie, Vivid Yeez Willet
London Royal Ravens Afro, Nastie, Zer0, Harry Gismo Dominate
Los Angeles Guerrillas Asim, Huke, SlasheR, Spart Gunless Bevils, Ricky
Los Angeles Thieves Kenny, Drazah, Octane, Envoy Pentagrxm JKap
Minnesota RØKKR Attach, Priestahh, Standy, Havok MajorManiak Saintt, REPPIN
New York Subliners HyDra, Crimsix, PaulEhx, KiSMET Clayster DREAL, Revan
Paris Legion John, Temp, GRVTY, Jimbo Theory
Seattle Surge Accuracy, Mack, Pred, Sib Classic Fenix
OpTic Texas Dashy, Scump, Shotzzy, Prolute İLLeY, General Rambo, Sender
Toronto Ultra Cammy, Bance, CleanX, Insight Hicksy, Scrappy MarkyB

Before the Call of Duty League Stage 3 Major, the teams have determined their final roster. But there may still be last-minute changes. Moreover, CDL Stage 3 Major will be the scene of an incredible competition. Furthermore, this naturally shows that a serious excitement awaits us in CDL Esports bets. If you want to learn how gambling companies benefit from big Esports events, you can take a few minutes to our article.

Recent Changes in Rosters

We will try to share the transfers and changes made during the 2022 CDL season. In this way, you will be able to follow all player movements during the CDL season.

  • May 11: “General” was replaced as a substitute, while “Prolute” was transferred as OpTic Texas’ new player. Also on May 4, “ilLeY” was set as a backup.
  • May 4: “KiSMET” joined the New York Subliners and left the team after “Neptune” was designated as a backup.
  • May 2: After “Gismo” left the reserve at the London Royal Ravens, “Harry” was named as the team’s new player.
  • April 27: “MajorManiak” is reserved for the Minnesota RØKKR. Then “Havok” was transferred as the new player of the team.
  • April 18: Los Angeles Guerillas player “Gunless” left as a backup. And the new player of the team “Spart” was transferred.
  • March 25: After signing “PaulEhx” to London Royal Ravens, “Clayster” is reserved for New York Subliners.
  • March 10: After signing “GRVT” on March 1, Paris Legion reserved “FeLo” on March 9th. Then on March 10, “Jimbo” was transferred as the new player of the Paris Legion.
  • January 13: Boston Breach’s new roster formed. Furthermore, the players are Methodz, TJHaLy, Nero and Capsidal.


We tried to share the roster changes made during the CDL 2022 season. But keep in mind that there are still changes. For this reason, we recommend that you follow our blog constantly. We will update our article with the new team change.

Moreover, we strongly recommend that you do this, especially if you follow the CDL closely. Because a single player can change the fate of an entire team.In the meantime, you might be bored with Call of Duty Esports. If you want, you can read our article on how Esports affects the future of casinos. Enjoy!

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