How Esports is Shaping the Future of Casinos

From the moment eSports was introduced to the gaming community, it thrived and immediately found its place within the world of gambling. Not only is there great enjoyment from playing the games and participating in the gaming tournaments and competitions spread around all corners of the world, but betting on these competitions has also become  a huge niche and industry that is highly sought after.

Within the past two years the online gaming gambling industry rose in high demand, understandably so, as more people were home based, and had more time at their disposal. The question that many want to know however, with the increasing popularity of eSports, is how will it continue to shape the world of gambling and casinos? If you are interested to know more on where you can gamble on eSport tournaments of your own, find unrivalled esports odds at

Industry Growth

The fanbase of the eSport industry thus far, has grown by a total of $1 billion dollars in the space of a year. Due to the recognised potential and response, many gambling providers provided such outlets to allow gamblers to immerse themselves more. Therefore, the more the niche was catered to, the more the industry grew as a whole. For this very reason, it is believed that as the industry of gambling in eSports continues to grow, so will the revenue that is generated from it. By 2025, it is expected that revenue will surge by up to $13 billion- yet this is minimum projections expected, and it could very well be even more in the process.

Fanbase Expansion

Currently the niche market follows competitions such as battle royale within games like League of Legends, Dota 2, CSGO and Fortnite for example. However, the community is vastly expanding and there is becoming a larger number of games being followed and played for that very reason. This is therefore exposing more channels and opportunities for players to explore more tournaments and sponsors from gaming companies. The top gaming industries in the eSport market, are the following:

  • eSports Technologies
  • Corsair Gaming, Inc.
  • DraftKings Inc.
  • Elys Game Technology
  • Enthusiast Gaming Holding Inc.

New Technologies

This is a given. As more openings reveal themselves within the market, the technology will expand too to meet the higher demands of its consumers. Many UK and US-based companies are looking at ways of investing into the market, due to it being less saturated than other gaming and gambling markets at the moment. Examples that are thought to be introduced at the moment, include new gambling features combined with blockchain technology, that allow gambling and deposits to occur more quickly and seamlessly. In addition to this, there is a possibility of a ‘cash out’ system that could operate within malls and bookmakers who cater to the eSport niche.

With many different games on the market today, there are only four major tournament leagues, meaning technology could advance to provide new opportunities towards this market and future game competitors.

eSport Casinos

Within the past year, we have seen the increase of eSport gambling sites-particularly ones that focus on a favourite called CSGO. While it still is yet to reach its full potential, many gaming companies associated with the big brands (Dota 2 etc.), are looking to evolve the gambling concept further by providing exclusive ways for players to gamble their in-game items, very similarly to the world of CSGO gambling today. Even though this is still a new concept, it can be expected that more options will open to appeal to this need in the market.


In under a few years, the casino industry has managed to evolve and cater to the niche of eSports. While it still is very much in its prime, gamers and gamblers can expect more openings and integrations with new technological advancements, in addition to an increased fanbase.

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