PS Vita Summer Gaming Challenge!

Hi everyone! My name is Chad Bruns and I am the new news editor here at Vita Player. I have to say that I am very excited to be writing for something that I am very passionate about-the PS Vita! Beyond reporting the news, I plan to use my blog at Vita Player as a way to work on my PS Vita backlog as well as discuss other topics related to the PS Vita.

Something I have been doing the last couple of years is what I call my “Summer Gaming Challenge”.  Since I am a school teacher, summer allows me more time to finish games that I have been meaning to play. Here is the list of PS Vita games that I am looking to finish before school starts up in August.

1. Sly Cooper 2

2. Sly Cooper 3

3. Final Fantasy 10 HD

4. Borderlands 2

5. Lego Chima Laval’s Journey

6. Toukiden

7. LittleBigPlanet

8. “Let’s Play Vita” games!(More on this to come!)

I have noticed that making a list like this really helps me stay focused on finishing games. I encourage you to follow my progress and to make your own list on the Vita Player Forum!

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