PS Vita: A Few Gaming Highlights So Far…


The PS Vita has been on the market for over 3 years, which is normally around the time of peak popularity for any console. Indeed, over the last 12 months, some incredible releases have hit the market; here we take a look at some of the top Vita since its launch…

Disney Infinity 2.0: Marvel Super Heroes

The Marvel comic universe has a unique draw which helps explain why films, games and other themed merchandise are consistently successful. In fact it’s worth briefly noting that the Marvel Universe is one of the most valuable marketing franchises in the world at the moment and this has seen an Avengers slot machine game bursting onto the scenes at and other online casinos worldwide. This time next year we’ll be recommending the spin-off from the upcoming Avengers movie too no doubt.

If you’d rather stick to personal accessories, keep an eye out on the Big Bang Theory for Sheldon cat-walking the T-Shirts and drinking “momma’s cocoa” from a branded mug next season.

In Disney Infinity though – due for release this year and set to be a hit on the Vita as it has been on all the other platforms it has been released on – you can play separate storylines featuring characters from 11 Disney or Marvel franchises, from The Avengers to Peter Pan. With excellent graphics, intuitive fighting system and “skill tree” upgrades this isn’t just a branded, throwaway release but a worthy addition to the ever expanding Marvel world.

Persona 4: Golden

Some fans argue that the original Persona 4, released on Playstation 2, was the “perfect” console game. The game features a group of high school students attempting to solve a murder mystery with a mixture of turn based action and social simulation.

The PS Vita version includes the same exhilarating tracks, excellent writing and expanded gameplay with the addition of extra levels and an HD upgrade. As one of the few PS Vita games where every gameplay aspect is both meticulously designed and instantly enjoyable, it goes down as a “must own” for Vita players.

Super Stardust Delta

Super Stardust is a twin stick shooter developed by Housemarque, who have also released Resogun, Dead Nation and Outland; an impressive resume! In Super Stardust you control a fighter ship orbiting a planet, with the planet’s orbit providing your “playfield”. The objective is to blast your way through obstacles including enemy ships and asteroid fields using weapons and collected powerups.

There’s a lot to keep track of in Super Stardust, which actually argues in favour of playing on the Vita’s smaller screen. Mixing the feel of an arcade shooter with complex gameplay and very intense missions; Super Stardust is a game it’s very hard to put down!

Rayman: Legends

Rayman is a Ubisoft franchise which first reached our consoles back in 1995. It’s great to see the character still going strong in Rayman: Legends, successor to 2011’s Rayman: Origins.

Legends is a platform based game with sumptuous HD graphics and hand painted backgrounds that will leave you enthralled. This edition adds “Murfy” a touch screen controlled additional character who can perform simple tasks for the player; making for an extra layer of strategy.

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  1. DI 2.0!

    unless I’ve totally missed something this ain’t out until may 15th (UK)

    If you have a copy please share some footage!

    Or are you from the future?

  2. As we said, Disney Infinity is due for release later this year although we do believe that it is going to be one of the Vita’s biggest games of the year. Despite the long-term cost of games like Disney Infinity and Skylanders, there’s no denying their popularity and with the low price of the PlayStation TV as well if the game is compatible with this, retailers could offer bundles that could make this version VERY attractive to would-be gamers.

    Certainly a PSTV bundled with a controller (or PS Vita), Disney Infinity, and a Disney Mega Pack would be very hard to resist for many people looking for an affordable complete system for those with a love of Disney games.

  3. The good thing about DI 2.0 I’ve got loads of the figures so only need to get the game.

    I can’t believe on other PS vita websites their games coming out in 2015 don’t mention DI 2.0 only a bunch of Japan RPGs!

    JRPG’s won’t sell Vita’s in the western world. A mum or dad seeing a PS vita bundled one won’t buy it for their child, but bundled with a Disney game and it should sell like hot cakes!

    Good for you highlighting this game. (Sorry I didn’t see that you said about it coming out later this year)

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