Potential Impact of the PS Vita on the World of eSports


PS Vita: an ESports Potential Which Won’t be Realised

Sony doesn’t support the PS Vita anymore. But what if the company had turned this portable console into an eSports gadget? We’ll discuss it in this article.

Benefits of Bringing ESports to the PS Vita

By bringing eSports to the PS Vita, Sony would receive several benefits. Primarily, it’s money. According to Statista, by 2025, eSports revenue will reach 1.87 billion U. S. dollars. PS Vita would contribute to this sum.

It would receive lots of cash from sponsorship, prizes, the betting industry, media monetization, etc. But it would take time. All the PS Vita games aren’t developed for eSports, so Sony and Vita game developers would need to do that. We suggest how later on.

Secondly, eSports would help to prolong the PS Vita’s life. Regular tournaments could make this console much more popular, and the chances are Sony could return to support it. Maybe we could even get a new generation of their portable consoles in the future.

And lastly, it’s about reputation. The gaming industry considers the release of the PS Vita a failure, which damaged Sony’s brand image when it came to the handheld market. It wouldn’t happen if a console was successful in eSports.

ESports Games Ideas for PS Vita

The PS Vita eSports industry would be unlike any other. This console doesn’t feature “traditional” eSports titles like Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and League of Legends. Even if it did, they would be uncomfortable to play. PS Vita eSports could be niche and consist of the following games:


If you’re unfamiliar with Minecraft’s community, you might think this game has nothing to do with eSports. You’re wrong. However, the competition isn’t about growing pigs and killing zombies.

ESports in Minecraft are speedrunning. A competitor’s goal is to be the fastest to kill Ender Dragon. It takes a lot of skill. Players must have absolute Minecraft knowledge and be able to navigate into space and manage their items quickly. But this isn’t enough. To kill Ender Dragon in under 30 minutes, you must also have a strategy. So, PS Vita Minecraft competitions would showcase creativity and adaptability.

Mortal Kombat PS Vita 02

Mortal Kombat

One of the classic eSports games that could be presented on the PS Vita is Mortal Kombat (sometimes refered to as Mortal Kombat 9). It’s a fighting. So, creating its tournament won’t be difficult. It would be a default competitive format in BO3 and BO5. Players would pick different characters in each match and show what they got. MK would probably be the most popular PS Vita eSport.

The thing is, this game doesn’t rely on luck at all. It’s purely competitive. To feel the contrast, look at Minecraft, where a player must have an RNG on his side to be the fastest.


What about some sports sims? FIFA is an eSports veteran, and it could carry its legacy on the PS Vita. The console features several games in the series. Sony wouldn’t need inventions here. A classic FIFA tournament consists of a competitive grid and players participating 1v1, each controlling an entire team.

It would certainly be popular. We can confidently say that as FIFA (nowadays, EA FC) events on other platforms are viral. Wagering attests to that. https://esports-betting-bro.com presents several bookies with FIFA betting, free welcome bonuses, and increased odds.

Why Would PS Vita Events be Popular?

Many of you will say these games are outdated and unpopular. The public perception would say that this is true. But there is a strong and loyal following for the PS Vita still and even if Sony won’t release new games for the Vita, they could easily turn older projects into a marketable feature.

Think about it: there are very few eSports competitions with older games.  And suddenly, an industry-leading company like Sony takes the initiative with them. It would at least be interesting and attract lots of attention.

But there would be work to be done. We think that turning PS Vita tournaments into cozy events would be a fantastic idea. Look at the current eSports: all the competitors reside in separate rooms with PCs.

PS Vita events would be the opposite. For instance, they could feature a scene with seats around it, several soft sofas, and a broadcaster. And with a more casual atmosphere to match the appeal of the handheld – warm lights, wood decorations, and even some blankets – it would give them a unique feel all of their own.

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