Which eSports Games Should You Watch?

The world of eSports games is rapidly shifting and growing, and someone new to the universe will be faced with a litany of choices: which games do I watch? Why should I watch it? Who should I root for? There are so many questions, but we can hopefully answer the main one for you in this article.

Finding which eSport game you like can do so much for you; you could find the next video game you could grind and play regularly or visit the best eSports betting site and wager on the competitions happening all across the world. There are a multitude of games within the eSports gaming space, whether you are looking for games based on strategy and turns or an all-out octane first-person shooter where the action never stops. The game and eSport are determined by the viewer and their preferences, interests, and tastes. We’re going to list the major eSports games with their unique offerings so you can decide for yourself what draws you in and help you find a game to be rooting for soon.

League of Legends (LoL)

League of Legends more affectionately and effectively called “League,” is a game built purely on quick strategic thinking and making plays as a team. Made by Riot Games, League of Legends has become a titan in the gaming world, even getting a TV show on Netflix. League’s eSports presence is most notable for having incredibly intense eSports matches, as the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game has two teams trying to outdo each other in order to destroy the other’s ‘Nexus’. The game can truly be a spectacle of strategy, coordination, and skill, with a level of depth and thought process that will appeal to the team player.

Why you should watch League: If you love strategy, team-driven games, and a deep, rich universe of characters and abilities, League is a must-watch. You can learn the lore of the game with an incredibly deep backstory, with champions of a range of abilities, skills, histories, and ways to play with them. The annual League of Legends World Championship is one of the grandest events in all of eSports, gathering millions and millions of viewers around the world for a captivating event.

Counter-Strike 2 / Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)

The game that has somehow blended the tactical strategy of chess with a first-person shooting game, Counter-Strike has become the cornerstone of all shooting eSports games, the top of the mountain that all others aspire to reach. The game is relatively simple in its objective: two teams are against each other, typically with bomb planting/defusal being the two main objectives. CS has become a game lauded for the level of quality of the gun gunfights and also the way you can utilize strategy to beat the other team, not just aim.

Why you should watch Counter-Strike: If you love a mixture of high-intensity tactics and realistic gun fights, CS is your eSport. You can find a perfect balance between playing as a team and that unique element of an individual’s talent that plays as the mixture of wins and losses.

Dota 2

Dota is another game that is MOBA and has also driven a huge legion of fans to its events through a mixture of competitive gameplay, deep and intuitive controls, and a level of strategy that not many games can compete with. In Dota, two teams of five control “heroes,” which have unique abilities, and the aim is to destroy the opposition’s ‘Ancient’ Dota 2 is a game with incredibly intricate mechanics, a deep hero pool similar to League, and a big emphasis on resource management and the “long game” as opposed to most other eSports.

Why you should watch Dota: Dota has a big learning curve for new viewers, but the payoff is very real. The games are high-level and nuanced, but equally rewarding to watch when you understand what’s going on. The annual Dota 2 championship, called The International, showcases the absolute best in the game globally, and the stakes are so high as the game boasts the biggest prize pools in eSports history.


A CS competitor with more fantasy elements, this Blizzard Entertainment creation is another team-centric first-person shooter that has a blend of colorful characters and dynamic gameplay. Each hero character in Overwatch has a unique ability and, therefore, a role in the team, which adds some element of strategy to how a team should be built. On top of this, the traditional elements of a first-person shooter go very nicely, creating a vibrant yet smooth and effective viewing experience for eSports entertainment.

Why you should watch Overwatch: The fast and quick gameplay is combined with an interesting element of team composition, synergies, and various play styles teams can adopt. The Overwatch League is eSports’ pinnacle competition, which has an amazing level of production quality and a brilliant array of talent.

Finding Your New Favorite eSport

Picking an eSport ultimately comes down to the favorite gaming style you have, which games are in your Steam library, and how you enjoy watching competitive gameplay. You have a game for every type of viewer and gamer above, and as the world of eSports continues to grow year-on-year, you can be sure that the quality is only going to multiply.

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