PlayStation Vita Memory Card Guide

Leftover Space

An important thing to bear in mind with whatever memory cards you use is to make sure that there is always some space left on it. Games will always require patches and updates and without some available space on your cards you won’t be able to download these, or any DLC that you may require. While some patches may end up reducing the size of existing patches or even games that you have installed (the patches for Killzone: Mercenary for example) you still need the space to download the files in the first place. As a rule I’d recommend leaving at least 1Gb free on your card at all times to avoid the need to use Content Manager.

Are There Alternative Options?

Until recently I would have said no. That was until the Vita’s hardware was hacked. The homebrew enabling tool HENkaku not only opened up the Vita to run emulators for other platforms and brand new software, but also introduced Vita owners to a brand new function. The ability to use microSD cards for storage.has revolutionised storage for the console. Using the SD2Vita adaptor, microSD cards can be inserted into the Vita’s game card slot and then used like regular memory cards, only much cheaper and to much higher capacities.

The only drawbacks so far is that HENkaku can only be installed on PS Vitas with firmware 3.60 or lower and the use of microSD cards mean that physical game cards can’t be used at the same time. However, for those of you who can make use of them, it’s an incredibly attractive and affordable alternative.


So the main thing you have to decide with memory cards is how you make use of your Vita / PlayStation TV. If you’re the type of gamer who prefers physical cards and has little interest in PlayStation Plus then you should be able to cope perfectly well with a single 32Gb card. If indies are more your thing and you have an active PS+ subscription then you really must look at larger / multiple cards. However, if you do tend to focus on a few games at a time and only have a few core games that see repeated play, then a 32Gb or 64Gb may be sufficient for all of your long-term needs in collaboration with Content Manager. Otherwise, then swapping cards and having a carrycase with the capacity to store memory cards along with games may just be the best option to get the most out of your console.

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