Playstation Vita and PS TV to get Media Streaming Player

PlayStation TV

The Playstation Vita will soon be getting a Media Player app, it has been revealed.  According to the blog,

“The Network Media Player (coming soon to PS TV and PS Vita) can be used to access media servers over a network. The Network Media Player can be used to view photos and stream music and videos from a media server located on your home network. You can also copy photos, music and video files from the media server to your system.”

This is excellent news for those with media files on their home network that they want to watch on the Vita’s OLED screen (or indeed on their brand new PS TV!) but until now have had to use the Content Manager program that must be installed on the PC.

Unusually, however, the application does not seem to be coming to North America, with the equivalent blog post in North America simply saying in response to a question about media streaming,

“No, the PS TV system does not support client functionality for media servers”.

The regional differences are extremely unusual. Despite of the release of the PS TV, it still seems that there are no plans to introduce the Netflix app to EU Vitas.

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