PlayStation Store Finally Closes for PS Vita

We recently reported that despite the announcement from Sony Interactive Entertainment about the closure of the online store for the PS Vita, there was still a workaround to access it via a brower or mobile device. This method, reported by our friend @TweetVitaReview gave us a vital lifeline to access over 1,200 Vita games quickly and easily.

Unfortunately, it now seems that Sony have become aware of these links and they have now been removed from both the regular and mobile versions of the website. What this now means for PS Vita owners is that we can now only buy games through the PlayStation Store app on the console itself. For games that are Cross Buy, these are still available on the PlayStation website but unless you look at the description or know what games to look for, there is no immediate way to identify what games are Cross Buy or not. With the new design of the store it is also more difficult to navigate which makes things even harder. However, we will endeavour to keep our Cross Buy Guide as up-to-date as possible to help you find games that you are looking for.

Of greater concern is that it also means that there is no major promotion of new games when they are released. The store app rarely notifies players of new games so it will be down to the Vita community and news sites to announce new games that are available to all of you.

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