PlayStation Store Still Online for Vita Owners!

We’re still smarting from Sony’s decision to shut down the web based stores for the PS Vita last month. Now dependent on the store app on the console itself, it makes finding and buying new digital games incredibly cumbersome.

The search function is unreliable, there’s no categorisation of games, and it’s simply not as easy to navigate. However thanks to our friend on Twitter @TweetVitaReview, a functional part of the store seems to be active, for the time being at least…

The store can’t be accessed through a web browser normally. Nor can you get to it by going to the main address for the PSN Store. It’s a strange way of doing it but it works and for now that’s all that matters. We want to stress that it’s uncertain how long this will work but as there are loads of indie games on sale right now, it’s worth checking out!

Getting The Games

So how do you do it? There is a link that will take you directly to the list of available PS Vita games on the store, bypassing the store front end. I’ve tried it myself and made a number of purchases so it works a treat. There are different links for different regions so use the one that matches your territory:

EU PlayStation Store
US PlayStation Store

You can access these links using a desktop or mobile device. There are some limitations to this scaled down store but it’s well worth using to get access to the 1,200+ Vita compatible games available.

* * *

We’d love to know what deals and bargains you pick up so let us know in the comments!

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