PlayStation Plus games FREE for PS Vita owners?

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Rumours are circulating around the PS Vita community that there is one last surprise for Vita owners surrounding PlayStation Plus. The strange phenomenon had been reported a few days ago by gamers whose PS+ subscriptions had expired. Many have found that they have still been able to download and play games that they had previously obtained through the PS+ service.

It seems that even after memberships have lapsed, some gamers are now able to download games and play as if they had purchased them. We’re not sure if this only applies to Cross Buy titles or if it’s a glitch that will soon be eradicated by Sony themselves. For those of you who still don’t own a PS4 and are not likely to be purchasing a PS5 (which will no doubt be added to PS+ in the future) this could be a godsend. The chance to regain your PS+ collection without the need to subscribe could save Vita owners a small fortune for those who are currently tied to Sony for no reason other than to play games previously downloaded.

We’ll bring you more on this as we hear it so watch this space.

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